ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5

ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5
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ROAD RAGE IN AMERICA 2016 || North American Сar ROAD RAGE & USA Car Crashes on dash camera #5 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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Best car crashes and road rage from around the world. On this channel you will find compilations on different themes: bad drivers, car crashes,road rage, close call, instant karma, and many other compilations. All pleasant viewing! Fresh compilations every day!.

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  1. No context before 227ish but that dude is hella racist! He doesnt use profanity but the female stated use an indicator which means je probably didnt and was being defensive

  2. the guy filming at 5:48 acted so immature by provoking the older fella,, some people are such children. his day will come and all his childhood life will crash and he will have to act like an adult.

  3. I have been reading a lot of the bad comments about police officers. These people are fucking clowns. The say Fuck the Police, call them pigs, pussies, etc.
    Well how about next time someone breaks into your house, you call a fucking hippy and everyone can talk in a "safe space," while wearing your safety pins.
    Name one other profession where someone will come to your aid like that, not knowing what's in store for them.
    People bitch about "excessive force"….well then whatever the cop says, comply! Don't resist and get a fucking attitude. Cops are trained to take you down, not to take your shit.
    Everyone plays the victim.
    We're raising a bunch of disrespectful pussies in America now.

  4. I think Tristan needs a new girl thats not afraid to defend herself and her loved ones. Put the gun away my ass hold him at gunpoint til the cops show up

  5. I love people who stand in front of a vehicle. They're too stupid to realize that can be seen as a threat on the life of the driver and if their ass gets run over, it's their own fault. Move forward slowly I promise you they wont have big enough balls to slowly go under your vehicle.

  6. 9:19 I just wanna go home I just wanna go home but I'm so high I forgot how to open the car door I remember how to start it I think this trunk button puts it in gear no the hazard lights uhh ok found drive…….I must of lost them I can hear em not see em… My bad WRECKED WTF ?

  7. 2:27 – Black men have to get some control over their women! He told her to be quiet and she should've shut up! She shouldn't have been talking in the 1st place!

  8. The cop in the last segment should have shot the son of a bitch when he had the opportunity. Instead he let him escape to put innocent lives in danger and tear up police vehicles.

  9. 3:453:56…yep!!!!! look what all they'll when they think they got THE UPPER HAND, but then look what happens when they DON'T have the upper-hand. yea totally DISREGARD all of their weapons ESPECIALLY THEIR FIREARMS; JUST BOLT because our authority is NO GOOD HERE~

  10. The idiot antagonizing the old man is lucky it wasn't me! I would have shot his week he never heard the warning, "Don't mess with a man too old to fight, he'll just kill you!" The guy was a coward and a punk for picking on the old man!

  11. Inexcusable the unnecessary police chase endangering all the innocent people on the road. He shouldn't have got the chance to get back into his car. Period. Cops good…the pussies that make the rules, dip-shits.

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