Mexican Food in Tulum! – PARADISE CEVICHE and Tacos! | Riviera Maya, Mexico

Mexican Food in Tulum! - PARADISE CEVICHE and Tacos! | Riviera Maya, Mexico
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On this Mexican Food trip, we started in Tulum, Mexico! Stay tuned for the full video series.
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Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico:

My wife Ying and I, and our baby Micah, traveled to Mexico with my friend Carlos and his family. I met Carlos many years ago in University in Phoenix, Arizona, and he’s originally from Sonora, in Northern Mexico. Throughout University, Carlos and I would eat Mexican food non-stop, and we dreamed of traveling in Mexico to experience more. Finally we made this trip happen!

We actually flew into Cancun, and then immediately drove down to Playa Del Carmen where we based ourselves. On our first day we decided to take a day trip to Tulum, a small town on the Riviera Maya coast, and one of the official historical port cities of the Maya.

Taquería Honorio – First things first, we started off with some breakfast tacos at a well known Mexican street food spot in Tulum. I had a mix of four different types of tacos, all of which were extraordinary, but probably the best was the lechon, the roast suckling pig. This is a must eat tacos restaurant when you’re in Tulum.
Price for my plate – 64 MXN ($3.45)

Ruins of Tulum – 70 MXN ($3.77) – One of the main attractions in Tulum are the ancient Mayan ruins. It’s a beautiful place, and what makes it so incredible are not only the ruins, but the fact that they are right up along the gorgeous turquoise Caribbean coast. It was great to walk around, even though it was packed with visitors.

Playa Paraiso – Next we drove over to Playa Paraiso, just down the beach from the Ruins of Tulum, which crystal sparkling water.

Chamico’s – By lunchtime we were all very hungry, so we drove over to a place called Chamico’s a spot I had searched out on Google maps. Just from the photos it looked like a place I needed to go, from the relaxing atmosphere to the amazing fresh seafood. It was just as good as I had imagined. The restaurant was right along the beach, breezy, and the Mexican food was amazing. We had a few plates of ceviche, fried fish, and a shrimp cocktail.
Total price (for 4) – 1,180 MXN ($63.53)

Tulum, Mexico, is a true beach paradise, and it’s an amazing place to visit in Mexico. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Food in Mexico has been unbelievable! From authentic home cooked Oaxacan "mole negro", to the most tacos I've ever eaten in a single day, EVER… If you're not already, click "Subscribe" now and click the "Bell" icon to turn on notifications – tons more insanely delicious Mexican food coming your way!

  2. I don't know, but you are so blessed. All of these subscribers and viewers. I believe I know why. Just stay humble and happy human that you are. I love your videos and the fact you share your experience. I just subscribed to your channel. I am looking forward to your future videos.

  3. este señor es todo un crack tragando chile!….ya me imagino cuando caga…ha de sacar Big Balls of Fire!…porque traga chiles de esos que son Arrancamosaicos! (los mosaicos del Baño) ya me lo imagino a los gritos ha de estar cuando sale todo eso que se traga! JAJAJAJAJA

  4. My husband and I go here every year and yes Taquería Honorio is wonderful. The best part in this part of Mexico is the people. They have so little but share what they have. Thank you for sharing in your journeys with us!

  5. I will be there in a couple of months and I thank you for showing me where to get real Mexican food. Staying at resorts along Cancun is all tourist driven food. So it is thankful to see real Mexican.

  6. Went to Honorios tacos on my last trip to Tulum, and I have to say that the best was the 'torta de lechón' (sandwich) the bred is absolutely amazing and the baby pork is the best in the world… I know , baby pork … so sad

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