Guy Drives 2,800 Miles To Rescue A Pit Bull | The Dodo Pittie Nation

Guy Drives 2,800 Miles To Rescue A Pit Bull | The Dodo Pittie Nation
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On today’s Pittie Nation, follow Mario’s journey as he drives across the United States to save Hickory, a pit bull he fell in love with. The moment they meet will make your heart melt.

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  1. Honestly I am in love with the breed bcs my sister owns a lab pit and my boss owns a snt bernard pit mix and a lab pit mix and they are all giant love bugs

  2. No reason to be afraid of pitbulls. Just like no reason to be in a black neighborhood in Chicago 4th of july 8pm walking. Yeah dude just because some people arent afraid doesnt mean theres no reason to be afraid 13/50 is the stats on both of them. Any pit can just snap and kill its owners. They all say he was just a giant snuggle bunny until the day he wasnt. U are an idiot. And i own pits and dobies but dobies are 100 percent more loyal to its owner than pits are. Pits are bad dogs they dont even listen. I may just put him down in the back yard if he growls at my kid again. Or i think he is a bad seed

  3. You are a huge love bug Mario!! What a wonderful man you are to drive all that way to save his life and make him a part of your family! God Bless You!!

  4. I rescued a 4 month old pit bull 1 year ago and he is forever a member of my family 🙂 We named him Conan and we love and cherish him, he's the sweetest big baby in the world and most pit bulls are, it's about the people that raise them. Thanks Mario for saving Hickory's life and showing us your journey!

  5. Well done for doing this man – you are obviously one of the good guys! But it makes me so angry that this healthy friendly dog was going to be killed – that is just barbaric people! We all need to get our act together but parts of the US seems to be particularly bad in their treatment of dogs. Start emailing/contacting your politicians to tell them you will not vote for them unless they tackle this problem!!

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