Best Fails of the Year: Part 2 (2018) | FailArmy

Best Fails of the Year: Part 2 (2018) | FailArmy
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We are back at it again with part 2 of our best fails of the year! Hold on while we show you the cream of the crop! We have a coach roasting his baseball players, a scooter grind gone bad, and much much more! Submit your videos to and you could win $1,000!


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  1. Nothing good ever came from adults involving themselves in kids sport. We played on our OWN, made up our OWN rules, had shitty, worn-out gear, played in empty dirt lots, with no adults anywhere in sight. And we cherished every minute of it, and a few of us are still close friends as adults.

  2. When the video first started, it was HILARIOUS when the boy hit him in the head with that bat! I was crying(laughing) bro!!????????

  3. 0:51 someone needs to call CPS that is child neglect. The child doesn't deserve to be an a environment like that. Obviously the women that are in the video do not care about the little boy.

  4. horrible parenting 101, especially that first one jeez! what parent encourages their kid to hit their other kid on the head with a steel bat?

  5. First one definitely wasn't funny, that's either a concussion, cracked/fractured/broken skull or death, no wonder people nowadays are so stupid… but the dogs playing with the pinata, 1:48, 3:35, 6:23 and especially that baseball announcer were hilarious. ?

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