Crying Puppies Tied Up in Bag Rescued by Incredible People | The Dodo

Crying Puppies Tied Up in Bag Rescued by Incredible People | The Dodo
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Crying Puppies Tied Up in Plastic Bag Rescued by Incredible People | These people were on a walk when they heard tiny cries coming from a plastic bag.

Footage provided by Caters TV:

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  1. I feel sorry for the puppies. The people who did this are very stupid. We should put u in a bag and threw u into the field to see how it feels. I hope the cops will find I and arrest your sorry ass.

  2. Maybe the previous owner just dumped these babies regardless of a mom dog's desperately appealing. A mom dog met so worst human breeder…

  3. What did these pups do to deserve this?
    I am f**king mad after watching this. Who would do this?
    God Bless all left behind puppies
    There is a spot for all of you in this world ?

  4. so evil people who ever did this to them they look adorable, God bless you all and thank you for rescue them and give them a chance to live and be love ????????????????

  5. I feel sorry for the puppies tied in the bag. The person should be tied in a bag to see how it feels. But i am glad the puppies were saved. Take care and god blessm?????

  6. Most likely a breeder who's pedigree dog mated with some stray dog. They often don't want anyone knowing they gave birth to mixed breed pups..or they could loose their pedigree status.

  7. Well all I can say is put the BASTARD's in a BAG and throw them in the river that did such a HORRIFIC thing to these poor babies!  Bless all who helped the BABIE'S………

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