Lamb Chops and Safety Tips during the Attempted Coup in Istanbul

Lamb Chops and Safety Tips during the Attempted Coup in Istanbul
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This took place on 15 July 2016.

(Day 11 of the Round the World for Food Trip):

Today was a little bit different.

Just the day before the attempted coup, my wife and I had had the most amazing Istanbul food tour (watch that video here:, wandering around the city, visiting the Grand Bazaar, meeting dozens of friendly people and having fantastic conversations and delicious Turkish food. And in fact, on the night of the 15th, before the attempted Turkish coup d’état took place, we ate dinner at a restaurant just a stone’s throw from the Bosphorus Bridge (where many of the events of the coup unfolded in Istanbul).

Due to the situation of the Turkish coup attempt and not really knowing what all was going on in Istanbul, my wife and I made the decision to just camp out in the hotel for the whole day. We were grateful to have a safe place to stay.

My heart and thoughts go out to all the people of Turkey, and Istanbul is truly one of the most breathtaking city, in terms of history, culture, people, and food, that I’ve ever visited, and my opinions have not changed.

Again, you can read my full thoughts about safety traveling to Turkey on my Istanbul travel guide:

Stay tuned for Day 12: The immediate day after the failed Turkish coup d’état attempt, my wife and I went out and had another one of the most memorable food days in Istanbul!


Disclaimer and Thank You:
This trip was made possible by Star Alliance and their Round The World tickets ( who sponsored my business class flights.
The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul sponsored my stay in Istanbul. Thank you to Star Alliance, Marriott Hotels, and Turkish Airlines for making this trip happen.

I personally paid for all food and attractions in this video, and I decided what to do and eat.

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  1. that rice in hotel room is not rice 🙂 it is called "bulgur pilavi". we call both types "pilav". but "bulgur" is wheat. pilav made of rice is called "pirinc pilavi". "pirinc" means rice. "pilav" is just name of food when you cook either of them them.

  2. I am sorry mark.I used slang in your previous video. I don't know why I am saying this.I am're such a gentleman. lots of love for you and wish you a happy life✌?

  3. Hey mark love the channel little piece of advise when in your hotel room its quiet turn down your microphone its to high we can hear you chew a little unsettling lol

  4. dostum olanlar için üzgünüm ama bazen böyle şeyler olabiliyor bizim içinde süpriz oluyor ama iyi döleklerin ve anlayışın için bir türk olarak teşekkür ediyorum her zaman ülkemize bekleriz

  5. 🙂 🙂 hacı Vietnam’da böcek yemekten daha maceralı bir gezi olmuş Türkiye, akşamın bi saati tanklar manklar yürüyo falan.. 🙂 dışarı çıkmaman da akıllıca olmuş, böyle kangaşa ortamları sakat ortamlar ..


    Mark is not over enthusiastic about the dishes he tasted in this vid and his facial expressions show it.

    The spontaneity, over the top exclamations and robust compliments are missing.

    Much of his expressions are contrived or forced….

    The food on his plate looked limp, lacking in subtlety and flavor and from the freezer.

  7. Hey Mark, that was not rice. It is bulgur and it is actually much more nutritious then rice. I have not seen that anywhere except Turkey. So, lucky that you tried it. But you should try the one my grandma cooked 😀 If you also want to try something unique to Turkey, try Sahlep. It is a white, hot beverage served with cinnamon. It is made out of a root of a flower and that flower is about to extinct. As far as I know, collecting those flowers from the nature is illegal in Turkey. The taste is indescribable and wonderful!!! I am wondering your reaction to it.

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