NEAR DEATH CAPTURED…!!! [Wk 52] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2018 | Fail Department

NEAR DEATH CAPTURED...!!! [Wk 52] | Ultimate Near Death Video Compilation 2018 | Fail Department
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EVERY WEEK the newest and latest NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES and CLOSE CALLS captured by Gopro and Camera. We’ll show you what can go wrong in life when you live your life to the extreme or just living it. All of the people in the videos survived. Enjoy our videos and don’t forget to drop a LIKE.

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  1. Dude on the scissor lift obviously caused that lift to turn over. It appeared as though he panicked and pushed the beam. Ida fired his butt on the spot right after i broke my steel toe boot off in it.

  2. Stop screaming you cunts. I mean, you could scream, close your eyes, move around in response to flight reflexes and die, or take a deep breath and think your way out of the situation as calmly as possible increasing your chances of survival

  3. 5:58 they getting squashed and guy on left is looking at a scratch on his hand!? And then he doesn't even try to help push that off of them i would give him a near death experiance.

  4. to this day, i dont understand why when a large load is falling some one has to try and stop it…. like mother fucker. RUN lol

  5. The guy hurt by glass: Yeah, pick him up and carry him…. BUT YOU'RE ON TOP OF A BLOODY TABLE! Where the heck do you think you're going? And too bad about his possible back injury that you just made worse…

  6. 1:49 Why is she sticking a thermometer up his ass instead of blowdrying him with hot air or at least covering him up with thermal heat bags or at least a towel?

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