TOP 5 BEST THAI DISHES! | My Favorite Thai Food in Bangkok, Thailand!

TOP 5 BEST THAI DISHES! | My Favorite Thai Food in Bangkok, Thailand!
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Huge thank you to Greg from Travizeo for filming and making this video!
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A totally different style video today, hope you enjoy it!

One of the most common questions I get asked is Mark, “what are your favorite Thai foods?” And so when Greg was in Bangkok I thought it would be an awesome idea to cover when he was filming with his amazing video skills.

By the way, Greg films cinematic travel videos for brands and promotions, and he also happens to love to eat! Go check out his videos ( and website for more details ( And I was very excited when he offered to film and edit a video for me.

Choosing my favorite Thai dishes is a very hard thing to do, but I narrowed it down.

1. Braised beef fire pot (เกาเหลาเนื้อหม้อไฟ) at Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง) – There’s just about nothing better to eat for breakfast in Bangkok, and after trying quite a few versions, Heng Chun Seng is still my favorite. The beef is tender and most of all the soup is so fragrant from the herbs and beef. Google map:

2. Holy basil stir fry (กระเพราหมูสับ) at Ung Jia Huad (ร้านอึ้งเจี่ยฮวด) – If there’s one dish that could be the most popular and beloved easy to eat Thai food, it’s holy basil stir fry (with your choice of meat). It’s a dish that always hits the spot. Google map:

3. Green papaya salad (ตำปูปลาร้า) Stall on Sukhumvit – You’ll find green papaya salad on just about every street corning in Bangkok and throughout Thailand. My favorite version is som tam boo plaraa, dressed with fermented fish sauce.

4. Fish viscera curry (แกงไตปลา) at Janhom (ร้านจันทร์หอม) – Southern Thai food is always a favorite of mine, and gaeng tai pla, or a curry made with fish viscera is one of the most flavorful Thai foods of them all. Google map:

5. Jungle curry (แกงป่า) at Pla Mae Nam (ร้านปลาแม่น้ำ) – A dish I just can’t get over, and have to order every chance I have, is Thai jungle curry. It’s an amazing mixture of chilies and herbs, and in this case, fish. This is also one of my favorite restaurants in Bangkok at the moment as well. Google map:

There it is, 5 of my favorite dishes in Thailand. Thank you for watching this video!

Again, huge thank you to Greg from Travizeo for filming and editing this entire video!


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Thank you for watching!


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  1. How did you like this video!? Thanks to Greg from Travizeo ( for filming and editing.
    Here are the dishes and restaurants:
    1. Braised beef fire pot (เกาเหลาเนื้อหม้อไฟ) at Heng Chun Seng (ร้าน เฮ้งชุนเส็ง) –

    2. Holy basil stir fry (กระเพราหมูสับ) at Ung Jia Huad (ร้านอึ้งเจี่ยฮวด) –

    3. Green papaya salad (ตำปูปลาร้า) Stall on Sukhumvit

    4. Fish viscera curry (แกงไตปลา) at Janhom (ร้านจันทร์หอม) –

    5. Jungle curry (แกงป่า) at Pla Mae Nam (ร้านปลาแม่น้ำ) –

    Thank you for watching and keep eating Thai food!

  2. จากไม่เคยดู ตอนนี้ไล่ดูคลิปอาหารไทยจนหมด

  3. hey mark! i was planning to go there in bangkok thailand this coming May 2 to 4 2019. may i know the address of the the last 3 foods that you guys ate? thanks man!

  4. I go to Thailand in less than a month and I’ve just been binge watching your videos OO. Food looks so good! Thanks

  5. Im going to Bangkok in Jan for my vacay because of the food. I loved Thai food when I was living in NYC but now Im back in Brazil and Thai food here is a joke.

  6. Is there a good food tour in Bangkok that you might recommend? We are going in November and we would like to try different places but would feel more comfortable with someone guiding us.

  7. Hey Mark, I'm currently in bangkok and for breakfast I went to the first restaurant you went to in this video and it was delicious oh my goodness I was sad when the meat was done but was fully satisfied and filled to the brim. I showed them your video and then when I finished eating, I took a picture with the lady that prepares the dishes. It was an awesome experience eating beef hot pot for breakfast. Thanks for the suggestion on the restaurant. They were all joyful and full of smiles ?. Top notch food and service.

  8. spicy flavor is the secret 🙂
    that's why many people make aquestion " why spicy almost all of food" mean make you eat more and more and mean good healthy, when a human sick then you can't feed all of food mean not good 🙂

  9. Love the vblog and editing ! It allows you to eat without worrying about filming. Great views on all shots. Love it that Mark and Pam get in on the action of eating too!
    Great video Mark and the foods looks delicious and awesome!

  10. Unless you actually come here, you will never know what Thai food tastes like. Bangkok is the single greatest food city on Earth.

    That "Thai" food you get in the west? I wouldn't feed to a rat.

  11. After watching your video I went to Bangkok and ate everything on his list I'm on my way to the airport in a couple hours and I'm going to stop and eat the braised beef

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