International Animal Rescue Year In Review 2018!

International Animal Rescue Year In Review 2018!
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2018 was a very busy year for our teams on the ground. Thanks to YOU we have achieved so much! To list just a few highlights, we have:

– Rescued countless animals from unimaginable suffering.
– Released rescued animals back into their rightful homes in the wild, including the first ever albino slow loris and the first bear release in Armenia.
– Reforested and protected precious orangutan habitat in Borneo.
– Provided love and care to over 300 sloth bears in India.
– Inspired real and lasting change through our education and outreach programmes.


The video below highlights just some of the amazing work YOU have made possible this year. Thank you!

Please share this video far and wide to help spread the word about the amazing work our teams are doing around the world.


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  1. I got emotional..It was impressive to watch through eyes of director of this video, so many successful years of rescue pass by in 3 minutes. I could Imagine the efforts, hard work, passion and dedication involved. I wish my heartiest greetings to international animal rescue many more years of successful rescues and rehabilitation. May God bring a day when *No rescues are actually required, May people turn wise enough to understand that we are not left with much of time".

  2. Super absolutely moving video, thank you Alan & all the team at IAR.Have been a donor for years & I still cannot understand how humans can hurt these so beautiful innocent creatures & their adorable babies!Keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you so much for all you do to help the animals. We humans have to take care of the animals not destroy and torture them. IAR you are Angels on earth and hope 2019 brings much support and victories for the animals!

    The earth,trees, plants and animals are all manifastations of God. We should love them as we love our own self. Ammachi

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