24-Hour Bangkok Street Food – Thai Egg Noodles and OOZING Soft Eggs! บะหมี่แห้งต้มยำพิเศษ

24-Hour Bangkok Street Food - Thai Egg Noodles and OOZING Soft Eggs! บะหมี่แห้งต้มยำพิเศษ
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Thank you Wisarut for this restaurant recommendation!

Ko Boo Rossing Noodle (ร้านโกบู้รสซิ่ง), is located in the Bang Kapi area of Bangkok, Khlong Chan (คลองจั่น) to be more exact. For Thai noodles lovers, it’s a famous little street food stall. They make mostly tom yum noodles, and you can choose your choice of egg noodles or rice noodles, and get them either with soup in the noodles, or get your noodles dry – depending on your tom yum noodle preference.

My wife ordered, sen lek tom yum pisayt kai 2 fawng (เส้นเล็กน้ำต้มยำพิเศษไข่2ฟอง), which is tom yum noodles with medium sized rice noodles, soup, extra special size, and 2 soft boiled eggs.

I ordered, bamee haeng tom yum pisayt kai 2 fawng (บะหมี่แห้งต้มยำพิเศษไข่2ฟอง), egg noodles, dry version with soup on the side, special bowl with 2 soft boiled eggs.

The noodles were seasoned well, but undoubtedly the highlight were the soft boiled eggs. That’s what this Bangkok street food noodle stall is all about.

Finally, we also got an order of moo satay (หมูสะเต๊ะ). The satay was alright, not spectacular, but worth trying when you eat here – something to go along with your bowl of Thai tom yum noodles.

For desserts, we walked down the market and bought some khanom buang (ขนมเบื้อง).


Ko Boo Rossing Noodle (ร้านโกบู้รสซิ่ง)
Address: 8 Thanon Songkhro, Khlong Chan, Bang Kapi, Bangkok
Open hours: Open 24 hours – one of the best things about this street food stall
Phone: 085-1808150
Price – 60 THB ($1.70) for my bowl of noodles

ที่อยู่ 8 ถนน ศรีบูรพา คลองจั่น บางกะปิ กรุงเทพ
เปิดบริการ24 ชั่วโมง
โทร. 085-1808150

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  1. Hey mark I’m really a big fan of yours since 3rd grade and currently I’m in 9th grade. This is not related to the noodle restaurant but I do recommend you a som tum restaurant called Tom nak (ตำหนัก) it’s at สีแยก อสมท 🙂

  2. This looks like they just cooked the yolks, in a poached egg fashion, as opposed to a “soft boiled egg”? Anyone know how they cook these eggs/egg yolks? ?. They look absolutely AMAZING!

  3. Another excellent video that I had to log in in order to like and comment. That bowl of noodles looks absolutely delightful! As a Thai person, tom yum noodle has always been my go-to dish so I have now bookmarked this place. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Thanks Mark for your recommendation, i travelled to bangkok & manage to visit the stall & tried the noodles last week, it was truly awesome!

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