Brave Guy Rescues Kudu in Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue | The Dodo

Brave Guy Rescues Kudu in Dangerous Wild Animal Rescue | The Dodo
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Kudu Who Couldn’t Stand Up Is Lucky This Guy Was His Rescuer | This kudu got stuck in a fence, so this guy tried to free him. Just when he thought his work was done, the kudu wouldn’t stand up — and that’s when he had to do something REALLY dangerous. Special thanks to Wild Wonderful World for this amazing rescue:

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  1. It's nice to see a decent human being on the planet. But it's no good doing something good without using common sense. Those horns could have done serious damage. You obviously had two other people with you. Rather than filming, why didn't you at least get one of them to hold the animals head down by the horns as you properly cut wires? And if the wires weren't cut completely off, it will just prolong the animals eventual death. No good looking the hero if you're not also taking common sense into account.

  2. Do not forget the girl that backed him up if something went south on that one. Hats off to all involved. Not a good idea to end up in a sparing match with those horns, or ducking some flying hoofs.

  3. He was very scared but he never stoped to help the animal. That's the nature everybody should evolve in them selfs, me too. Gonna try like being him. Hats off.

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