Going DEEP for Street Food in Sri Lanka – BEAUTIFUL Sri Lankan Street Food ADVENTURE to Kandy!

Going DEEP for Street Food in Sri Lanka - BEAUTIFUL Sri Lankan Street Food ADVENTURE to Kandy!
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We’re going DEEP for Street Food in Sri Lanka!! Get ready for a FULL-ON adventure to try some delicious street food in Kandy, Sri Lanka! And make sure to visit ► https://expressvpn.com/thefoodranger today for an EXCLUSIVE offer for 3 months free on the world’s BEST VPN!! Thanks for sponsoring this episode ExpressVPN!

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Today, we’re traveling to Kandy, Sri Lanka to enjoy delicious street food in Sri Lanka and some of the best vegetarian food in Sri Lanka and also some really flavourful rice and curry in Kandy! This Kandy Food Market adventure we’re bringing you on is worth watching! This is the FULL-ON Sri Lankan beautiful train ride adventure!

We’re bringing you here to Kandy for a HUGE Sri Lankan street food Adventure continuing from last week’s HUGE Home Cooked Meal adventure here:

►Sri Lankan Home cooked food tour: https://youtu.be/bIhjRXPQvk8
►Sri Lankan Mud Crab Tour: https://youtu.be/UTJ3t4KGntw

First up, we’re taking the morning train from Colombo to Kandy to experience the true natural beauty of Sri Lanka. This was one of the most beautiful train rides we’ve ever experienced. The beautiful countryside of Sri Lanka was stunningly pristine and worth flying in just to take this train ride for. The train traveled fairly slow so you can watch out the window and bask in the beauty for the whole 3 hour ride.

After arriving in Kandy, we’re bringing you to a famous Sri Lankan spicy rice and curry joint to try the famous Lumprais AKA Lumprice. Here at Sri Ramya in Kandy, there is a ton of selection of spicy curries and Sri Lankan famous specialties, like Kotthu, Biryani, Chicken curry, and Lumprice. We came specifically to try the lumprice, so we went upstairs to see how it was made. An entire banana leaf is cut up into sections and then each section is filled with the most aromatic spice infused rice and topped with extremely flavourful curries. At Sri Ramya, there was an onion sambal, some delicious and sweet eggplant moju, and some super tasty and spicy chicken curry.

After this amazing Lumprice meal, we’re going to a famous vegetarian food hawker area called Hela Bojun food stalls. There are various outlets in Kandy. What’s so amazing about the Hela Bojun stalls is the joobs that each centre creates for local women to empower them to run their own business. We tried some delicious dosa and local curries.

After this, to finish off our street food tour of Kandy, we’re going out to the local Ceylon tea fields to have a cup of ceylon tea. It was very sweet, perhaps a little too sweet! And the vegetable roti was probably the worst roti I’ve ever tasted. But that’s alright, the scenery was magnificent!

And if you missed our other video from Ministry of Crab in Colombo, you can watch it here:


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We’re going for more street food around the world!

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  1. WOW! Sri Lanka is SO BEAUTIFUL! But I think we went too DEEP at the end, a solid 0/10 rating! Tasted like gasoline and pepper mixed together! I hope you enjoy this train adventure and delicious street food from Kandy! And make sure to check out https://expressvpn.com/thefoodranger today for an EXCLUSIVE offer for 3 months free on the world’s BEST VPN!! Make sure to follow along on instagram http://www.instagram.com/thefoodranger for behind the scenes! Thanks so much for watching!

  2. 14:58 – Whoah! I think this is the first time you gave a 0 rating in a food..isn't it?
    I remember you ate a brain of an animal (i think it's a goat's brain?), and you gave a very low rating (below 3)…I thought that was the worst food ever…until i saw this..

  3. The thing that you did in the last part of the video is not nice. Actually, the Vegetable roti is really tasty snack kind of food. You had a bad one from a random shop in nowhere. That doesn't deserve your rating. Also the tea, you need to visit a proper place for a specific food to give proper ratings for it. Your way of rating is 100% unreliable.

    If you have done the same for other countries' food, you are doing a very bad thing and advertising a bad impression on really good food.

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