Watch the heartwarming moment this dog realizes he's being adopted

Watch the heartwarming moment this dog realizes he's  being adopted
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Watch the heartwarming moment this dog realizes he’s being adopted

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  1. Benny: Oh great my time is up im gonna die i really wanted to get adopted but its time good bye cruel world. Waot this isnt tge staff its a person. IM GETTING ADOPTED WHOO IM FREE GOODBYE STUPID POUND IM FREE!!!

  2. it makes me so happy that some can get adopted , but it makes my heart drop and makes me sad that some get killed and can’t enjoy the life of being with a loving family?

  3. There's no place like home!! So heartwarming to see his excitement but hearing all the other dogs barking broke my heart!! Together we can empty those shelters…PLEASE ADOPT!!!

  4. Ma Chipie était toute folle comme se toutou quand je l'ai sortie de la SPA!!! Longue et heureuse vie à toi mon Toutou, dépense toi bien, et si ta nouvelle maitresse t'aime fort, tu as pas fini de te promener !! Bisous

  5. We got a dog from a family that just couldn't  take care of her anymore, they were an older couple.We got a female border collie and named her sierra. until her health got bad and we had to put her to sleep. We did adopt another dog for her to have a friend and playmate. He was the pet of the week here in Calaveras County in ca. We named him banjo. We had him for over 14 years. He had a nasty cancer growth on his jaw and we had him cremated. I had to many problems going on to bury him in our yard with Sierra. One day my wife opens the front door and I hear her say, Oh look a puppy!! Just great, another female border collie. I didn't want the dog but we kept her. We still have her, she is going blind but is still a good dog. The vet said she was older than we thought she was. My wife also found a dog one day out on a busy street close to the house.  She was a female too. She had a shock collar and a chocker on. She likes her new home, but she can't be trusted outside the yard. She will run down the road whimpering. She has arthritis but is a sweet pup pup. She is older than we thought to  said the vet again. Had a mama cat come to the house. She had two litters I think three each, might have been more but two are here from the one litter, three from her last litter. So have three males and two females. Trapped them all and had them fixed. They got there shots too.They are a blast to watch. They are having a great time in the yard. The mama is friendly, she lets me pet her. The other female kept coming over to me with the mama cat, she would rub on mama and I would reach over and pet her. She didn't seem to care at the time but she will come over to me know and loves to get petted.

  6. Awesome!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful video!! So happy he got adopted, especially as a MALE, PITTY and BLACK!! Thank you for choosing this special gem ✨??

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