GTA 5 Hood Fight Club – Hands of a God – GTA 5 Street Fights

GTA 5 Hood Fight Club - Hands of a God - GTA 5 Street Fights
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GTA 5 Fights – GTA 5 Hood Fights – Hands of a God – GTA 5 Fight Club

By: Clazz Clown

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Its about a guy that was a boxer but he beat up a guy with his bare Hands & killed him then he went to jail so when he got out. He loss everything he had before back when he was a famous boxer He didn’t know anything but to fight so he was forced to become a street fighter and make a profit then he can live & get back on his feet. And he Has Them Hands people say he has Hands of a God.

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These are Not my Songs
The list of Songs i Give Them all Credit
Future -freak hoe
Lil bibby – Word around Town
Black eye Peas – Anxiety
MGK ft DMX – I don’t dance
Migos – Fight Night
I give all Credit to the music owners and i was Using the Music for Entertainment purposes only !


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