DOCS: Endurance | Animal Cops Houston

DOCS: Endurance | Animal Cops Houston
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In Waller County, Houston SPCA Investigator Debbie Michielson is horrified to discover a herd of emaciated horses and an owner apparently unwilling to help them. The team decides to take immediate action before it’s too late to save the horses. In Houston, Investigator Maverick Wagner has to act quickly when he responds to a report concerning an injured dog and arrives on the scene to find a German Shepherd with a serious leg wound. Elsewhere, the team face one of their toughest challenges yet when they have to carry out a rescue of livestock from a farm during a heatwave.

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  1. This is the worst I’ve seen on this show of starved horses. It’s disgusting someone would allow that to happen to those horses.
    And if you’ve lost your job and can’t afford to feed them he could have actually SOLD the horses to get money and given them better homes

  2. I hope those poor animals get the love they need. I also hope the abusers suffer for all eternity. It’s easy to surrender your animal, if you are overwhelmed caring for them. Allowing them to suffer should equate to jail time. Unfortunately, it never does, so assholes know they can get away with being serial abusers.

  3. I have 10 horses and a miniature horse and when our older one got skinny (not anywhere close to these) I was worried about him. Seeing horses who suffered so long made me cry. I am so relieved these horses were not in that place any longer and that no more horses died at the hands of those people. And the worst part is that they lied and thought they were doing the right thing. Did they not notice the dead horses, one of them probably a baby or smaller donkey!

    Ps: My horse is fine and now back in good condition. I also rode him quite a bit to build muscle as well as the weight from extra grain and alfalpha.

  4. Oh my god, those poor horses. It's a shame that such beautiful creatures have fallen into the hands of an abusive owner. I mean, some of the horses look to be Yearlings, It saddens me that they are so young, and already have an insight on how cruel humans can be. They have probably never experienced kindness, and, like the other animals in this video, don't comprehend it, leaving them bewildered.

    There is a very special place in Hell for animal abusers like these, that's for sure.

  5. I don’t understand, those pigs and goats were in horrible condition but it’s nothing compared to a meat factory. Why is it not illegal to torture the same animal for meat??

  6. I raise pigs for 4H and trying to get them in the trailer is always HORRIBLE ?. They're rediculously loud and strong, they'll easily plow right through you.

  7. As a cat breeder I can tell you that if you choose to get these animals, you’re responsible for their wellbeing. If you became a breeder to make money then you’re in the wrong business. Animals needs food, water, love, shelter and veterinarian care. No matter how sick I am sometimes, I always get up and care for my babies because I chose to, not them.

  8. the sad thing is that most "livestock" animals live in such conditions, people just don't see it because they're locked away and not out in the open ? glad these could be helped

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