Crying Baby Bat Reunited with Mom + Other Baby Animal Rescues | The Dodo Top 5

Crying Baby Bat Reunited with Mom + Other Baby Animal Rescues | The Dodo Top 5
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Five amazing baby animal rescues including a baby bat, chimp, calf, elephant, and puppy! Which one was your favorite?!

Baby Bat Who Couldn’t Find Mom Is So Happy To Be Reunited
Special thanks to Batusi Nights:

Baby Chimp Is So Grateful To Be Flown To Safety
To sponsor Dungu Phil’s ongoing care, you can support his rescuers at the Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre: Follow them on Facebook for updates on his upbringing:

Baby Cow Has So Many Friends At Her New Sanctuary
“To sponsor the ongoing care of Peanut the cow and her new family, you can support the Semiahmoo Animal League: You can also keep up with them on Facebook: ”

Baby Elephant Rescued From Well With Net
Footage provided by Caters TV:

Puppy Rescued From Pipe With Excavator
To help Nelson’s rescuers save more puppies like him, you can support the Michigan Humane Society:

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  1. WOW. Bats species can be so different looking. This one looks almost like a dog in the face ! So glad her rescuer did this, better than going to a rescue and kept for release. Mama did it ! YAY

  2. Those people in Africa are really doing well with elephants and poachers…well poachers in general. Had no idea how bad some of these poachers are. I thought they always killed quick and fast. But they hit the elephants with small darts with poison. Half the time the poison is just enough to cause suffering, not death.

  3. i think every single species of animal should be protected and cared for and the people that do these kind acts are priceless thnx dodo for sharing and as for the weirdos clicking thumbs down what is wrong with you REALLY

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