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  1. If your going to film a fail then point the camera where the action is doofus! So annoying when it’s happening and the cameras pointed at their feet -_-

  2. That African guy pushing the truck whilst standing inside the truck deserves the award for genuineness. ???? and those other guys pushing on ground are no worse.

  3. 3:40 The only idiot is the one behind the camera, who doesn't understand that they are shovelling out fresh sand, and shovelling in broken concrete. It's obvious because the two men are at opposite ends of the trailer. How can you even get dressed in the morning without understanding this very simple concept?

  4. 3:32 The guy on the ground is shoveling large pieces of broken concrete debris onto the truck, while the guy in the truck is shoveling out clean sand to fill in the hole in the ground. You can't use broken concrete to fill up a hole otherwise you'll create a sinkhole in the future. They're using the same truck to bring in clean sand and to load out the debris to be disposed of. The idiot is behind the camera.

    5:43 Looks like the guys did their job of shutting down a water main that had burst. Where's the idiot?

    6:10 Not just a good idea, it's proper safety practice to do a dry run before actually loading the truck to make sure you don't hit anything (like the green sign) and to make sure the truck is in proper position where the operator can still see his bucket when loading the truck. Especially when you're working next to a roadway that's still open to traffic. You don't want an "oh shit" moment when you have 5000 pounds of dirt hanging in the air over live traffic.

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