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  1. I was probably 10 that time when me and my friends went for a swim in the beach. We were really having fun until when my legs cramp. I couldn't even move, I was waving at them and was asking for help because my body can't move. The worst is that they just stared at me, some just laughed. I was literally cried for help until someone helped me, and that was my enemy. I AM NOT JOKING. She helped me, I owe her. So after that I went home like nothing happened. our house is near the beach so I just walked and my vision is a bit dizzy. I went to the shower and sit there for almost an hour because my head ached. I can really remember how it felt like. That time I felt like my head is going to crack and I really wanna throw up. I passed out and no one knew. I just woke up because of the sound of the water coming from the shower. Thats it I'm still alive and I thank God and the one who saved me.

  2. Bro, Just from the way ha was bending the knees, shifting his weight backwards too far, his approach to the slope, that kid is not ready to go out of any standard slope dude. He didn't just fall there, he lost control because he had no idea of how to stop on fresh powder
    Be a bit more responsible and careful

  3. That dude that was ice climbing with nope. He was lucky he didn't move any further with out the rope because when he did the ice slipped ?

  4. Well… The thing is, half of these are preventable by using safe practices. Treewells = don't go near trees. Avalanches = know where the shadow zones are and go between them, never across the face or down the opening like at 1:30. They're taught by every responsible back mountain skier/snowboarder.

  5. Holy fuck I couldn't imagine being that dude that was skiing and have that avalanche happen and get stuck like that.
    I was super nervous and breathing heavy watching that shit and I'm a person that stays calm in ppressure positions but that would of gave me a damn heart attack. Would of been a super hard situation to keep your composure and not freak right out
    Glad everyone made it out of these events!

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