Field Goal Fail: Fails of the Week (January 2019)

Field Goal Fail: Fails of the Week (January 2019)
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It’s that time again! This week we have a field goal gone horribly wrong, an unexpected doggo attack, and more! Submit your video and you could win $1,000! Submit here:
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  1. 1.44 то что этот пидор умрёт от рака простаты за то что подфутболил мышонка это факт но как сука можно мышей бояться?! Я бы сука тупо умер нахуй от умиления какие они классные! Даже помню видел как из под ларька продуктового крыса такая ебать здоровая еле выползла и поскакала куда то мне и то приятно было)

  2. 3:33 What kind of parent gives their kid helium? Helium can be dangerous when you don't use it right. Helium isn't breathable, so as you can see he didn't get any oxygen which caused him to faint like that. He could have hit his head on on the corner of a table, or even in the fire. Don't give helium to your kids.

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