Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018

Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018
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These are some of the closest calls ever caught on camera.

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Close Calls & Near Misses Compilation 2018


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  1. 5:30 …the man yelling shark pointed the the man with the camera's left. The man with the camera then went under water and turned around, where he went under water again (After taking a breath) and then saw the shark. The shark was also not close enough to the surface for the men above the water to see, as you can't really see far down when the man's camera was above the water. Not only that, but the shark could not get from the man's left close to the surface of the water, to the man's right that low in that amount of time. Besides the second time the man saw the shark, he swam towards where the shark swam off. And look how shallow the water is when he is getting out. The shark couldn't fit there, even though in the video he swam over there.

  2. It does seem odd that she would reflexively recoil but not pull the stroller back with her. That poor kid has a self centered mother and will likely not be the better for it.

  3. 6:35 buses are required to stop and wait for all students to cross before moving onward and they must make students cross infront of bus to ensure safety that near miss was the bus drivers fault

  4. If they were live rounds his head would've erupted like old faithful spewing a cocktail of teeth and bone mixed with blood and pink cauliflower.

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