Baby Animal Cuteness Overload – Buc~A~Buc Farm

Baby Animal Cuteness Overload - Buc~A~Buc Farm
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Baby Animals over the years at Buc~A~Buc Farm
Yellow Labrador Retriever Puppies, Bunnies, Kitties, Baby Goats jumping and playing, baby ducks, chickens, and more.

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About the Author: Cindy Lou Willson


  1. My baby loves to watch this video over and over. It has helped us to calm him down and focus on the task of eating. 🙂 Maybe you should make some more? 🙂

  2. What clearances do you do on the parents.  I have a friend willing to travel for a puppy, well bred and whose parents have good pedigrees and all clearances as advised by their vet, a Labrador breeder who won't have a litter for some time.  Can you elaborate what you do please on the parents of the adorable puppies.  Thank you.

  3. my toddler age grandson and I loved your video. it was so well made(I love the hearts). your ranch seems so peaceful, and your so loving with the animals. I also live the fact that there is no added music, just normal outdoor sounds.

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