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  1. Moinbhai, Allah apko hamesha sukhi rakhe aur aap isi tarah bachoo ko pyar se khana khilaye.Aap ki lambi umar aur swastha ke liye me ishwar se prarthana karta hu.

  2. U r truly an amazing person…..I truly admire you from bottom of my heart❣️❣️❣️May Allah bless you with good health and happiness

  3. May the almighty God Allah bless amen for ur hard work. I being a head cook it is a very difficult job to grind so much gravy mixture but you did it all ..hat off to you bro

  4. Miya please don't add "Masha Allah" in your food. "Allah" means dirty balls of 'shivalingam'. Om, Trisul ,balls,pitcher and allah are same .

    Great job you have done to feed our own innocent kids and people.
    Ganesh who was the son of a durga (prostitute) was the first muslim man not Hajarath . Hajarath was innocent Jesus and it is mentioned in Your dirty quran, Hajarath is alive and living in Germany.

    Shiva saitan..shiva from tibet….
    Joy maa kali tor joy hok.



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