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  1. A guy asked his friend on how he can make his car go faster. "Well I've put go faster stripes on my car but it doesn't go any faster, what else can i do?". If you really want to go faster and break the speed limits, you could try putting Audi badges on you car. "Why didn't I think of that, it's a perfect solution". But you do know everyone will think your a moron because your in a Audi? Hmm… that's true, maybe I'll just stick with the go faster stripes.

  2. AUDI – A – All other drivers Fuck you, U – Under developed brain required, D – Drippy Dipshit behind the wheel, I – Ignoramus = all AUDI drivers.

  3. Russian insurance requires dash cams. Insurance agents post it all on the internet, to educate their other clients. Every time a Russian crashes, it goes on youtube. Thats why there is so many Russian videos. Americans would whine too much about privacy if we did that here, thats why American roads are so much worse. You just dont see it, unless you go get your own pizza instead of calling for delivery… speaking to the fat racist commentators.

  4. The dude who got the A8 stuck did the right thing. Doesn't matter if it's a luxury car, he punished it properly. Audis that don't survive bad treatment are not worth getting. Now he knows to get an Allroad instead.

  5. Audi, BMW, Porsche, supercar drivers whatever… You should call it "people that aren't able to drive properly". The way you call this video and many others, is provoker. You can find that kind of people everywhere driving random car.

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