Goat Intestine Fry | Cooking Goat Boti |Clean Goat Intestine | Country foods

Goat Intestine Fry | Cooking Goat Boti |Clean Goat Intestine | Country foods
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Mastanamma grand children Cooking Delicious Goat Intestine Fry


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  1. I don't want any. More for you guys. Of all the animals I've ever eaten, goats taste to much like the living animal smells. Tried goat milk once, and I may as well have just licked a goat.

  2. Hollow my frien wher are you we are your friend from iraq baghaďad like you andyour cooking supper yummy we want more different recip and sweet pastarry or pastarv story spilled wrong thanx lam very sad about grand mo mastanamma

  3. Saludos desde Arequipa Perú: Que bueno usted y su familia son los más grandes protagonista de esta gastrónomia. Le felicitación y muchos éxitos m esta preparación es un manjar aquí en Arequipa Perú. Un abrazos .

  4. The difference AND definition of Coriander/Cilantro;

    coriander is the seed and cilantro is the leaf. Their flavors are quite different. You can harvest the seed after the plant flowers and round seeds form. Harvest and dry the seed to be ground into coriander.

  5. I am impressed I am from Bangladesh ?? and we say it boti also and we cook it same way it’s very tasty ? i love to eat boti curry ? and India ?? ???❤️ always same and thx because you helped us in liberation war of 1971 with Pakistan ??

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