Blood Angels - Full Movie

Blood Angels – Full Movie

These young, sexy half-vampire women can’t fly or make humans into vampires but they can still suck blood, move super fast and kick some butt. If they can summon the spirit of... Read more »
X-Men (2000) Reaction | Versus Compilation

X-Men (2000) Reaction | Versus Compilation

Watch Mike’s Reaction to the Pitch Meeting, Honest Trailer and CinemaSins videos for 2000’s X-Men!! Let me know your favorite part in the comments below! LIKE THIS VIDEO, SUBSCRIBE & CONSIDER JOINING... Read more »

6 Holiday Disasters

Disaster can strike any time and the winter holidays are no exception. Andrew Woodard was excited to open his Christmas presents, and so was his cat, Magneto. The spirited feline attacked Andrew,... Read more »
Dragon Ball Z VS Marvel Superheroes - What If Battle [ DBZ Parody ]

Dragon Ball Z VS Marvel Superheroes – What If Battle [ DBZ Parody ]

Goku Saiyan Rangers – Goku Saiyan Rangers 2 – Goffu vs SuperThor – DRAGON BALL Z vs DC SUPERHEROES – Dragon Ball Super G – *SPANISH SUBTITLES... Read more »
Wolverine Face-Off!

Wolverine Face-Off!

Please SUBSCRIBE – Watch More – Officially titled “Phantom of the Wilderness” this special edition of Breaking Trial will chronicle Coyote Peterson’s epic adventure to come face-to-face with one of... Read more »


10 PEOPLE WITH REAL SUPERPOWERS Now we all love Marvel an DC flicks, don`t we? Super hero stylized movies are one of the most popular types of entertainment known to man. You`ll... Read more »