Zena is so naughty , she has lots of energy 😅😅😅🥰🐶- Takis Shelter

Zena is so naughty , she has lots of energy 😅😅😅🥰🐶- Takis Shelter
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  1. Precious Little Angel ZENA is still a baby🐕❤️ She's just wanting to play🤩 Gorgeous Little Angel NALA is ready to sleep 😴🐕❤️ I Love all your PRECIOUS LITTLE ANGELS TAKIS, GOODNIGHT AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL 🙏😴🐕🐕🐕🐕❤️💋🌹

  2. ❤❤❤❤😂Λατρεύω όλους και από μένα μια όμορφη καληνύχτα

  3. she is lovely not noughty…;) she need another puppie to play with .. a puppa and puppy loves to play with each other why is the jump on the bed a problem .. i Zena is a lovley charakter and she is a mirical .. as Takis shelter is a mirical too .. i love this place i love what you do Takis and lots of love and god bless you and all thoos that help to make miricals there possible .. god bless …Zena loves to teasing all her dogis friends there

  4. She reminds me of Nala who arrived in the WORST possible condition (like my old couch potato Mickey, now gone), and Fivos. Then suddenly she was getting the most awesome care of her life and even her own room! Now sometimes she gets a little jealous of the other dogs. The same with Zena. I think it's perfectly ok to 'spoil' our dogs, treats, playtime, cuddles, toys, etc. But like all children puppies have to learn the things they shouldn't do, like bite the cleaner! She's just a little baby right now, biting is just playing for her. But if she was a 200-lb mastiff or something it would be scary!
    The hardest part is how to figure out how to teach them that while still letting them be the wild little crazy person 😉 they are!
    The princesses Nala & Zena are not just safe, they KNOW they are Loved!🤗💖🍀🐾🌈☮️🇨🇦

  5. She reminds me of lil Bingo… How playful he is, like her 😎 i know she will soon find her forever comfy couch.

    That lil bunny hop of hers 🙂

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