Rogue's Gallery👉 Volume 2 /Old Time Radio Detective Compilation/OTR Visual Radio

Rogue's Gallery👉 Volume 2 /Old Time Radio Detective Compilation/OTR Visual Radio
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Before he was Richard Diamond, Dick Powell took to the airwaves as Richard Rogue. This summer replacement show for The Fitch Bandwagon would set the stage for Richard Diamond. We’ve added some beautiful eye-catching scenery to this classic old-time radio show to bring you the OTR Visual Radio – a unique OTR viewing experience!
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  1. Another make-work suggestion😲for Hearth and Home Entertainment. I almost don't want to suggest it😩because of the time it will need BUT, if ever you come across a few free days😥, if if if (lol, I know, I know), but might you consider alphabetizing🤓your play-lists? Before they get way😨too long? Please don't be🤞too angry :-), just a suggestion. 😔

    😎hee hee hee

  2. I am loving this Tim we capsule of radio 📻 shows, that are gone, but not forgotten! Many thanks for making this possible for all of the folks enjoying this fabulous YouTube station.

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