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  1. Monster Cody was a beast in his time. I knew him personally before the drugs and he was a real Crip and represented to the fullest no matter where he was. R.I.P. MONSTER CODY.

  2. Wacc don’t know NOTHING about Compton or LA Brothas! I don’t know how some folk have the audacity to speak on shit they know nothing about w/ so much confidence, that’s a mental issue for yo ass! Them type can’t be trusted!

  3. Wack such a hater he wish he was quarter of the man Monster Cody was . Big U still gave Monster Cody his flowers even knowing that was his enemy. Wack couldn't survive a day in either one of there shoes in the Height of their rain at the top..

  4. Wacc hates on every one. Hes tries to make hisself look harder than even monsta kody who cut a opps fuccing arms off gtfoh. Waccoff

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