'Ghost' knocks over pint of beer at 'haunted' pub #Shorts 👻 🍺

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TERRIFIED punters were given the shock of their lives when a pint full of beer with no one near it suddenly toppled over in a “haunted” pub.

The incident at the 167-year-old Blue House pub in Hendon, Sunderland, took place right in front of the stunned landlady’s eyes – and was also caught on CCTV.

Landlady Darla Anderson, 23, was surprised to see the glass fall as though it had been pushed over by something.

The day before the incident, Saturday 13, the boozer had a spiritualist come to visit who believed she could feel something in the pub.

Darla told the SunderlandEcho: “My auntie was actually the landlady of the pub around 20 years ago and she always said back then that it was haunted.

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Moment ‘ghost’ knocks over pint in ‘haunted’ 167-year-old pub after ‘spiritualist sensed presence’

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  1. No coaster, smooth polished bar with a slightly uneven surface. Some beer spilled over the edge of the cup as they filled it. CO2 in solution trapped under the bottom of the cup comes out and causes the cup to burp and slide. The inertia of the slide is arrested quickly on the dry portion of the bar surface and the glass tips over.

  2. The viewer doesn't have a clear view of the base of the glass or how it was situated on the mat. So there is the possibility that it was at a tipping point on the edge of the mat and finally went over…but it sure doesn't appear that way.

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  5. it didnt topple over, it first slid towards the edge of the bar and fell over but amazingly didnt go over the edge – no doubt attached to a fine fishing line being pulled by the haunted pub marketing guru!

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