Crazy Angry People vs Riders | S11•E13

Crazy Angry People vs Riders | S11•E13
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0:10 FRANCO WELDING – Dumb Drive –
0:30 kimmyruss Adventures – Near Miss On The V-Strom XT-650 –
0:46 Purplemonkey 1974 – Near miss –
1:04 PJGrant85 – Near Miss With Cat With Death Wish Caught On Dash Cam UK –
1:11 Cobra Rider – Truck quickly pulls out without looking. Flips me off –
1:25 G-Money Rides – Merry Christmas! (Crash footage & Pics) –
1:54 Tez Dean – Mobile phones and roads don’t mix –
2:11 TheDukaDuke – Close Call 7 – Middle finger idiot in Hove –
2:23 Clutch N Shift The Traveler – OMG! I got a crash! –
2:50 Rider For Life – Daily Observation & Close Call on Kawasaki ZX-10r #11 –
4:14 M.O.P RIDER – Crashed into a car?|| Idiot on roads –
4:50 Newbithian – Close Call Suicide Gap –
5:04 That Moped Guy – Close call | why you shouldn’t lose focus on the road…. –
5:17 ignus1985 – Blind Drivers – Very close call –
5:26 x Hubb – Lady on phone merges on me. –
5:41 x Hubb – Motorcycle nearly hits guy in Wheelchair –
6:08 Khool Breezee Rhyder – Dumb Driver| Driver in Chevy Malibu impedes Biker from lane splitting –
6:44 T4M – CLOSE calls & IDIOT drivers… riding the z800 in London! –
8:18 Preter HDP – Moto vs Sail (empate XD) – Road rage Chile –


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All clips and commentary in this video are intended for mature adult audiences only. All footage is for educational and journalistic purposes and also as learning tool for riders and viewers that watch this channel. Ride safe – KR


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  1. Not even going to watch the video I know how they go as the poster of this video feels they have the right to do whatever they want drive around recklessly speed weave in and out of cars and then wants to cry when they almost get hit

  2. Driver was an ass and 100% at fault for hitting the rider when passing him. The rider did instigate things though. You can clearly see him cut the car off at 8:22 (he's awful damn close in the riders mirror) and then the rider slows down (probably because he got honked at). The truck in front is pulling away which seems to indicate that the rider slowed down. If a car had cut a rider that close on the lane change everyone would be yelling like banshees.

  3. 2:24 i'll take a guess at diesel or maybe oil on wet road, looks like India or somewhere similar so i would also take a guess that the bike is fitted with some rubbish poor quality tyres

  4. 2:24 when painted lines get wet it is VERY slippery. I have done this before……was turning into I side street and my back wheel crossed over a painted line, next thing I know my rear wheel kicks out and i fall off. In this part of the video he tried to lane change, front wheel lost grip for a second crossing wet painted line, Mystery solved. YW

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