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Of course, we are fond of animals. Some of them are funny and cute.
Others are cute and dangerous but almost all of them helpless in the face of
troubles and misfortune.
So we really appreciate those people who bother to take care of poor things.
Now meet 10 cases of animal rescue you won`t believe.

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  1. Number 7 on the 14th of September 2018 with 3 days after my birthday and that is really cute that you saved them ??????????????????????????

  2. yeah and sympathetic people are treated like criminals because the help save the animal ;Here is an example my poor mom couldnt get a vet anywhere to help our cat who was having birthing problems with out cash first ok, so the animal shelter said they would if she gave up her girl to them. she did because she did not want her or kittens to die. Since the 9th I have been checking on them at the shelter. she gave birth to 5 and lost two within a week while at the shelter. they told us if we pay the $500 or $800 to them she could have her cat back so unfortunately my mom and I do not make that kind of money. she the cat Nala is still there. then 2 weeks ago they gave us False hope on fostering her now they are not talking to us and it makes me angry they are treating us like criminals when a animal abuser who murdered a pregnant dog is on the streets to kill another innocent animal. Isnt that some crap!!!

  3. I don't understand…. They can so surgery on a hedgehog… But when my giant french bunny…. Twisted Its leg…. They said they can't do anything bc he's too small….

  4. Let me get this straight. If it's a rescue then vets have no problem working for free…but when my dog gets mauled by a Coyote the vet says "its either $5k to save him or put him down for another high fee". Jesus Christ!

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