Australia is flooded. Sydney evacuates thousands of people due to heavy rains

Welcome to my channel about natural disasters of the world, today I will tell you how the incessant rains in Australia caused severe flooding in many cities. Torrential downpours hit the east... Read more »

Natural disasters 2021 Usa And Spain Storms Extreme weather on earth

Extreme weather on earth. Natural disasters 2021 Usa And Spain Storms. Wе created thіѕ youtube channel, ѕо уоu саn ѕее thе lаѕt global events аnd understand whу wе nееd tо prepare. And... Read more »

Natural Disasters Caught on Tape | [MOST BRUTAL Natural Disasters] || MonkeyFacts

Compilation video of Nature Disasters and how the Mother Earth will finish us off while we’re trying to cut down her trees. Brought to you by MonkeyFacts. Natural Disasters Caught on Tape... Read more »