Natural Selection

Discover natural selection as a mechanism of evolution with the Amoeba Sisters. This video also uncovers the relationship of natural selection and antibiotic resistance in bacteria and emphasizes biological fitness. This video... Read more »

Why is biodiversity so important? – Kim Preshoff

View full lesson: Our planet’s diverse, thriving ecosystems may seem like permanent fixtures, but they’re actually vulnerable to collapse. Jungles can become deserts, and reefs can become lifeless rocks. What makes... Read more »

We Filmed Tardigrade Sex!

In our Season 2 debut, we’re diving back into the world of our favorite little water bear friends! Crash Course Business Entrepreneurship Learning Playlist: Follow Journey to the Microcosmos: Twitter: Facebook:... Read more »

Bacteria (Updated)

Let the Amoeba Sisters introduce you to bacteria! This video explains bacterial structure, reproduction, and how not all bacteria are “bad!” Video also briefly mentions endospores, plasmids, and bacteria transformation. Factual Reference:... Read more »

The Deadliest Being on Planet Earth – The Bacteriophage

A war has been raging for billions of years, killing trillions every single day, while we don’t even notice. This war involves the single deadliest being on our planet: The Bacteriophage. Created... Read more »
What Made The Black Death (The Plague) so Deadly?

What Made The Black Death (The Plague) so Deadly?

In modern times, if you get sick your parents take you to the doctor and you get some medicine to feel better, but in the fourteenth century illnesses like “The Black Death”... Read more »