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  1. I am armed with a 44Magnum. I am an experienced Bear Safari Guide and if you guide long enough, you run into bears like this one which approached us. The best thing you can do is stand your ground, have your bearspray ready, and make yourself big and loud when necessary.
    In over a decade working around THESE bears, on THIS river, I have never needed to deploy my firearm.

  2. Nobody knows what a bear will do or not. All I know out of dozens of them walking by me in wild none have killed me yet.

    Literally never see them coming. All the close ones have been in dense terrain.

    Its easy to see them in open terrain. Not in rocks woods creeks.

  3. Wing Tips must be familiar with the taste of bear spray. Grizzlies usually attack aggressively. Don’t for one moment think they’re cute or interesting up close.

  4. Animals are smarter than most people realize. Bears are apex predators but, they also want the least path of resistance to their meals. This bear will continue to show interest because the facts are….we are all a potential meal to them.
    Love your channel!!

  5. "Those fish are lookin good but they sure are a little too speedy today … hey, these guys here look pretty good. I could prolly … I could prolly take one of them d-"

    "Ehh ehh ehhh."

    "Ok then, maybe not."

  6. i assume since the bear is well fed from the ecosystem and youre a regular sight, thats the reason hes so mellow with you? if he was starving and you were unfamiliar, would you be in danger?

  7. Ahhhh…Hmmmm…Seems “very” windy for bear spray – that might just circle back around then everyone’s eyesight is affected as the bear is now pissed and chooses a victim.

  8. Wild animals are usually just hungry, if they come near people. Or they can be teritorial, and protective over their offsprings. Sometimes they even seek help (injuries, other danger, or starvation, dehydration.) You must learn to discern.
    That one looks hungry, and he's sees the man for a friend, he's helped him in the past, obviously, he's asking for food, and he's also a bit curious and bored.

  9. 🤯The confidence & stupidity of some people is absolutely staggering 🤦🏼‍♀️yeah you think you’re going to be able to keep everyone safe from that huge grizzly buddy, NOT, not at all & what a dumb thing to say because you wouldn’t be able to do a damn thing to help anyone, including yourself & sometimes bear spray just makes them angrier! & Before you say anything I live in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta Canada…ie: in bear county. Sometimes a shotgun won’t stop them bears when they’re coming at you so I find it disturbing this guy thinks his little verbal command will keep him safe & in control…he’ll end up as lunch!

  10. @williamleckrone1628

    "I've seen videos of a bear taking 3 shot gun blasts to the head before it finally went down. it was coming full speed at this guy straight out of the heavy wood from no where. and at 30-35 mph doesn't take couple seconds for a 1000 lb apex predator to be eating you alive. beautiful creatures but definitely needs to be respectful of them very much so"

    No, you haven't seen videos of a bear taking three shots to the head.

  11. I've been a rather shy person my entire life who didn't put bullies in their place until one day I couldn't take it anymore from this man at work and I stood my ground with him and told him to never talk to me nor come near me, and I said standing tall, I was fierce, he knew I meant it, and he froze, I saw tears well up in his eyes, and he walked away and never bothered me again. Stand your ground is an important skill that I learned rather late in life, but at least learned it.

  12. Seeing the bear paws, the way they hold them when they walk, is what turns them into bears in story books, those incredibly cute paws on an apex predator. Maurice Sendak mastered the art of drawing bears in childrens' stories that really looked like bears while being adorable. It's those paws. The books: "Little Bear" and "Father bear comes home", by Maurice Sendak.

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