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  1. And this is why the world will never change. It’s all a balance. And you’ll never outrun what u set into motion even when getting off easy. It always comes back even in forms of cancers or losing your loved ones. Balance will always teach you.

  2. This is what Jack Napier would look like if he was Asian. Also this is what made me lose interest in becoming a defense attorney, 99% of the job is defending monsters and making a living off it.

  3. I hate the fact people are glorifying this, idc if it’s “his job” he takes pride in freeing rapists, child molesters, murderers, etc. it’s completely and absolutely disgusting.

  4. Ngl a great story of a really wholesome guy who decided to sell his soul to the devil so he can make money so that he can defend ppl that should go to jail bc they did horrible things😊

  5. Its this guys job, as much as it is bad that he fights for murderers and rapists to be free. He has to make money with what he does so if that means there will still be murderers and rapists out there then so be it.

  6. Fix the system, the individual cannot be expected to perform morally or in line with how things are set up, learn and adapt around the corrupt instead of ridiculing them while actively making no change

  7. This guy shouldn't be compared with those lawyers who work for the Innocence Project, he's just your good ol traditional defense lawyer who will take your case no matter if you're guilty or innocent.. and the Innocence Project is strictly dedicated to people who were wrongfully convicted to get them out of prison, they never take cases where they think the person was guilty. And I can't believe in these Republican states they're still putting people in jail for marijuana, just stupid.

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