Pregnant Rescue Cow Becomes A Mom For The First Time | The Dodo

Pregnant Rescue Cow Becomes A Mom For The First Time | The Dodo
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10-year-old rescue cow finally gets to meet one of her babies!

Charlotte’s rescuers told us all about her first time being a mom, and her baby’s feisty personality ❤️

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  1. Cute cow but cows don't have "children". Why on earth would you not just say calves? A child is a young human below the age of puberty.

  2. When I saw her lasting down trying not to crush her udders it made me feel like I am not alone. Having twins, being so swollen with milk, and trying to lay down like a normal person is the hardest thing ever! Both hubby and I woke up to milk soaked sheets every morning! All mamas experience the same things! 🥹

  3. I just love cows, I grew up in the city but spent time on a farm near a friend's house and fell in love with cows, they are amazing and I wish I was living in a place where I could have one.

  4. How heartbreaking that all of her babies were taken. NOT the way God intended..!!! Thankfully, Charlotte could love her last baby, nurture him & watch him grow.❤

  5. It's really depressing how those beautiful and intelligent animals are seen by majority of humans as nothing but food… It's cruel.

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