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  1. That wasnt racism. That's a mom that apparently doesnt know anything about wrestling and proceeds to put her son in the sport thinking that it would be all fun and games. Until she saw her son getting badly beaten.

  2. 😂😅😂😅😂😅ohhhh momma couldn’t handle lil man rocking and rolling her son all across the mat like dog😒but NOW just think how the ancestors of that young man felt when your ppl where doing malicious things to their children ..they had to sit back and watch 😢 helplessly.. so over time generations change honey poo and now it’s time for you to sit back and watch lil Timmy get tossed ish you right along with em reaching out touching on ppl babies..😂 cause lil Timmy too weak and need to get his ahh out the way.. 👀 mom as you see you and lil Timmy can’t handle hands on activities..🗣️

  3. The ref did a bad job, the white kid was stretching his legs because of the pain in his arm, and the mother did what instinct told her. I don't see anything racist, don't be idiots.

  4. I see a lot of people NOT using their eyes! The way that kid had his arms lock behind him and turning while applying pressure could done serious damage to his shoulder. It’s a GOOD thing the mom stopped it. From the refs angle he couldn’t see it. EVERYTHING ISNT RACIST! STOP BEING SO DAMN SENSITIVE. YOU DONT LIKE IT WHEN ITS DONE TO YOU? THEN DONT DO IT TO ANYONE ELSE!

  5. Racist? Wtf is this world coming to where everything is racist when a white person does something. She didn’t do anything to hurt that child! Not even a lil. She was right there and her mama instincts kicked in when she thought her kids arm was bout to break. She just was rolling the weight off him. I think moms need to be backed off cause a lot of moms would have reacted like that. She even sounded sweet and apologized. Pathetic caption.

  6. First let me say…she should not have intervened! That being said, her son was in a tricky lock with his arm being bent backwards (if you listen carefully you can hear him scream in pain.) might have been her motherly reflexes and all she tried to do was roll the kid off of her son.

  7. I want to know why the officials of this game did not have this woman arrested for attacking that child. If i had been this man that woman would have been on the floor like her son was. pinned and waiting for cops to show up. Wrestling is a full contact sport and someone not playing has no right to touch anyone playing. This woman needs her name found out posted on the internet and shamed. Racist or not, these kinds of parents that show up to events ruin it for everyone. The kids, the other parents, the refs. there are no excuses for this.

  8. The kid was definitely in a pretty dodgy position, you wouldn't want a tragedy to occur. It's a fine line between winning a point and the possibility of a accidental physical outcome…they are only kids, safety should be priority at all times superseding 'sportsmanship. The mom heard her child squeel and that will always gonna trigger reactions a hundred times faster then the reff

  9. Every time a white person do something against a black person it has something to do with race . People who don't see it then it's on you let's get our own an learn to live with our own

  10. Me and my dad both competed, He was Jiu-Jitsu and taekwondo, I was boxing in taekwondo….. There has been events where I was not doing too well (He did not jump in the ring) or on the mats to assist! I had to learn my own way….. I understand a mother's instinct…. But you have to let him figure it out

  11. I hate these Titles ALL BLACK PEOPLE AREN'T VIOLENT AND ALL WHITE PEOPLE NOT RACIST! We are ALL God's children! Wake up, DIVIDE AND CONQUER has always been a tactic!

  12. I don’t think it was a matter of racism until the coach and other officials said the black parents were the aggressors. That lady absolutely positively should NOT have put her hands on that kid and should have been ejected immediately!!! The “black people are aggressive” response is typical!!!

  13. Stop putting Racism in a title. Why is Racism the biggest thing? Ignorance is like Racism in the Title. These are Kids. Children don't know Race, Religion, or their ass from a hole in the ground. Stop with the bullshit and teaching the same stuff. This World will live again. Just like the Romans. Humans are people of nature> Some Good –Some Not Good. Don't feed a mind if its only for personal use.

  14. I didn't see anything racist i just saw a mother freaking out thinking her son's arm was going to get broken! It looked like his arm was twisted backwards and the other kid's bodyweight was on it so she tried to pull him off…. a mother's instant reaction!

  15. I wouldn't really call it racism I would just call it her protecting her child but she really didn't have to touch the child but In the heat of the moment I guess she just got too scared but yeah that is what the ref is for

  16. She was not racist. She should just not be at the match. Can’t handle your kid in a rough sport don’t put him in it, or don’t go and watch. Watch the video after .

  17. Click bait, there's no racism here that lady was concerned for that little white boys arm about to get snapped. Yes she was wrong for even touching that black boy especially when he's not hers, but I don't see anything racist here

  18. Lady is definitely an idiot but wasn’t racist,she would’ve done that no matter who was whooping on her son.
    Would love to see this kid 5 years from now if he keeps with it ,could be a star in the making and has good coaching looks like

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