Metamorphs Are Awesome Actually: Codex Genestealer Cults Unit Deep Dive

Metamorphs Are Awesome Actually: Codex Genestealer Cults Unit Deep Dive
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The 10th edition Genestealer Cults Codex is out and we have some leaks that allow us to deep dive into the codex and explore the Metamorph Hybrids. These were a unit that I struggled to use in the GSC Index but now that the Codex is coming, I have found GSC victory. Metamorphs vs Acolyte Hybrids and Metamorphs vs Aberrants, maybe the metamorphs are now better than both? #WeWillRise

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00:00 Reversal of Fortunes
01:58 Index Genestealer Cults Metamorphs drawbacks
03:51 Metamorph hybrid stats and abilities
07:10 Cult Icon changes
08:53 How best to equip your Metamorphs
13:16 The best character to attach to Metamorphs
18:42 Metamorphs vs Aberrants
21:44 Metamorphs in the Biosanctic Broodsurge detachment
22:48 Metamorphs in the XenoCreed Congregation detachment
26:09 Metamorphs in the Host of Ascension detachment
26:50 Metamorphs in the Outlander Claw detachment
27:48 Metamorphs in the Brood Brother Auxilia detachment

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  1. I appreciate your level-headed approach to all these changes. I'm new to the army and extremely far from competitive. Kitchen table games with friends are the absolute extent of my 40k skill, but I've always liked trying to understand fun strategies or solid combinations. Seeing all the doom and gloom on the codex changes is hard as a new GSC player because part of me feels like I just wasted money, but discussions like this remind me that we just need to try new things in the meantime.

  2. Those chubby hammer wielding freaks smashed up my land raider last game…..not cool man.
    P.S. I was fighting the new detachment that gets the bonus to charge range.

  3. i got 10 acolytes with hand flamers, 3 heavy mining weapons and 1 demo charge. Because I was strapped for resources to fully equip them, what with most of them coming from the deathwatch box (the weapons came from one acolyte box that i assembled as metamorphs). Now that squad is illegal. All because of the lack of a points system. So either i get chopping to turn this into one playable squad or two playable small squads (although i dont have the parts for a leader left because i converted the excess models into characters). Or I get another 5 or 10 acolytes and make this two squads with all the needed parts…
    Or i don't touch anything and wait for 11th edition to invalidate whatever everyone is doing with their armies now.

  4. (having a bunch of kairic acolyte bodies knocking around) I really appreciate how the writers have given some value to all of the arm pieces on the Acolyte Hybrids sprue!

  5. Honestly, I'm happy with the way the Metamorphs have been improved. I also really like that the Broodsurge ability really makes you think about what weapons you're going to take, and feels like a better way of balancing weapon options compared to what they did with the Acolytes. If weapons and wargear remain free, then having useful unit abilities get better if you don't max out those weapon and wargear options feels like the way to go.

  6. If you attach a character to your metamorphs without the scout ability, start them in a truck like we used to in 9th ed. They won't get the massive leap ahead from 9th but 3" more is not bad especially when the fellas are so fast (in xenocreed especially). Then embark your brain boy & neophytes before moving the truck up.
    Metamorphs with an iconward can scout the truck now (still not the rockgrinder unless that changes) so that seems great, but if you want them with biophagus or nexos hop out the truck

  7. 12:14 "assuming you're not wiped out in one go" applies to the pistol squad as well, 6" broodsurge won't help if you're dead. At least with the flamers and icon you can get the models back that triggered the broodsurge so they can actually fight. Always put the banner in the very front and you won't lose movement by removing casualties then you can add 1" to your movement when you resurrect a model.
    In xenocreed detachment they can also take incendiary inspiration on their iconward or biophagus friend to advance & charge with rerolls on both which is extra movement not reliant on your opponent's decisions

  8. The metamorph datasheet seems really well designed now (maybe the cult icon is not intendedb though?), I hope they continue to balance wargear options by spliting profiles and adding wargear abilities.

  9. I was bummed with the codex. I knew we were getting a nerf as pretty much every army with a cod3x takes a win rate hit when it comes out, but why the trucks?? But now I'm sold on the metamorph hype. Love a scott mechanized type list and it feels very viable with metamorphs now.

  10. The Cult Icon in the Metamorphs not having an autopistol and thusly not allowing the 6" move seems like such an outrageously clever bit of game design that I can only assume it wasn't their intention, and we get a FAQ clarifying that characters + icon holder don't count against the 6" move.

  11. I shelved GSC this edition because they started out good and popular, but now that they are not, I'm seeing all these gsc videos, and I have so many builds for them I want to do, I think I am ready to bring them back. I can't wait to use my super cool abbera-… Ok I guess these Votann hybrids are going to be metamorphs now.

  12. I think that “every model in the unit” rule needs an faq to not include characters attached to the unit. Personally I don’t like them not being able to do all autopistols and have a flag. I like flags. They’re pretty.

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