Gorilla Strength Compared to Human

Gorilla Strength Compared to Human
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Gorillas are much stronger than humans.
Some humans can be bigger and heavier than a Silverback. So, why are Gorillas between 4 and 9 times stronger?

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Order: Primates
Suborder: Haplorhini
Infraorder: Simiiformes
Family: Hominidae
Subfamily: Homininae
Tribe: Gorillini
Genus: Gorilla
Species: Gorilla gorilla & Gorilla beringei

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  1. Saw a thread about this same thing last night and people on the thread were saying certain humans could take a Gorilla……are people really this stupid? A Chimp could probably destroy any human alive, much less a Silverback Gorilla.

  2. The “4-9x stronger than the strongest humans” are from outdated studies ranging from 1940-1960’s. This was never verified or replicated ever again. So, most likely it was a faulty experiment/s.

    More recent studies coming from the National Institute of Health, the source being from the NCBI/PubMed website, calculating the strength of apes ranging from 1.3-1.5x stronger than human the strongest human athletes.

    Not as crazy as the outdated study, but still extremely impressive. Meaning that if Eddie Hall at 370lbs (274lbs with no fat), can deadlift 1,104lbs, a hypothetical 400lbs trained Gorilla can do 2,400lbs max. And a 200lbs chimp can do 1,200lbs.

  3. This is wrong, we actually have yet to actually measure there strength!!!! Thats how strong they are. We cannot measure it!!!!! Facts. And like bro said where's the atleast 600lbs of pure muscle hoomen???

  4. Honestly the biggest reason is because of their muscle insertions and insanely thick tendons. Even for their size, such a crazy build allows full use of all muscle fibers with small risk of injury. They have really bad mobility though, but make up for it with pure fury.

  5. gorillas are the only primates who live on the ground, apart from us, they devoloped aggression to protect themselves from predators tree dwelling primates dont have to worry about

  6. "aggression"
    Gorilla: well…yes…but Actually no.
    Chimp is the one who's aggressive.

    Those assholes make me wanna kill myself…

  7. This video has many false claims. For instance a chimp is known to be 5 times stronger than a human male. It’s unanimously agreed by animal experts a gorilla is much stronger than a chimp how much is unknown. A gorillas strength is immeasurable.

  8. Incorrect. Testosterone makes you dominant, not aggressive. In fact, silverbacks are gentle and respectful creatures that will break you in half if you look them in the eyes. They never attack as long as they don't see a challenge, that's why unprovoked alphas are not interested in attacking anyone.

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