3 BEST Blocking COMBOS for Street Fights

3 BEST Blocking COMBOS for Street Fights
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3 BEST WAYS to Block WILD Punches in Street Fights in self defence. Our Top 3 Best Ways to put these Blocks in combination to defend a Punch in a Street Fight. Make sure that you watch to the end to see the BONUS TOP TIP to block and punch to your head.

How to block a punch in a street fight requires little effort, just the ability to generate power over a short distance. This week we discuss the how to block a heavy hook (or haymaker) punch from a bigger or stronger attacker in a street fight with 3 variations that we think work the best in the a real fight.

We have said in previous videos (https://youtu.be/qVCsZ3PNaww) that the best way to defend against a heavy punch is not to block the punch, but to attack the arm. We that video we discussed the simple science behind how and why the block worked so well, highlighting a small detail in wear to hit the arm in order to stop it dead in the air.

If you can get this technique right you will literally be able to follow up with a barrage of punches in order to protect your personal space.

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  1. I used the shell/guard today in self defence against someone who started throwing punches at me, but after I blocked and countered him with some punches I got careless to my surroundings and sucker punched in the side of my head/nose 👃 I think my nose may be dislocated I don't know but lots of blood. I was beating the 1 guy but I got carried away like it was a fair 1 on 1 and then bam got my head rocked by his mate and I'm lucky I'm not KO'd or lucky there was no weapon or knife l, it's a big wake up call to me I already have titanium plates in my face. I think hopefully it doesn't happen again but if I have to defend myself again I think I will be more fast on my feet like Bruce Lee and worry less about my block/guarding and more on fast strikes to multiple targets if need be and juts keep backing up and moving around as much as possible and maybe use the elbow guard if need be similar to that shell but where you bring your elbows tight up and tuck chin down I side with hands wrapped over the back of your head and I think it would be a effective block against a glass bottle or even a baseball bat. I think I will be going back to some mauy thai training just so hopefully I don't end up in this situation again but self defence is necessary. I've been homeless and going through a fucked time in my life no drugs or alcohol but sometimes when you are homeless trying to get a place to live and a job you just attract violence and hate from people it's fucked, but I think my local martial arts club might just be the best thing for me right now.

  2. Blocking with your hands to your temples blocks your periphery, and opens you up to striking yourself when blocking. If you have your hands to your face I dont need to punch you in the head. I will punch you in the hands and you will punch yourself.

  3. Ha– you've been checking out KEYSI!!!!! Those are directly out of Keysi….(I don't DO that style– but I DO use those techniques– since RANGER school LONG LONG ago.. 🙂 GREAT video.

  4. Maybe i should´t watch these video´s while í´m high xD Im improving moves where i block punches and in a tactical good postion. And you know when you block something really good and outsmart the enemy. Grab his arm, use your legs to pull his foot to you, grab his ankle with your other hand and spin. 1/2 Turn and throw him 3-4m away. lol i´m 5 minutes on that comment thinking and calculating . I think if your strong and fast this could actally be a good move xD

  5. Thank very much for sharing these tips. I enjoy your videos and goofiness too. I am getting much older and gladly add these tips to my close combat arsenal.

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