Turkish Street Food!! KING OF KEBABS + 14 Hour Food Tour in Adana, Türkiye!

Turkish Street Food!! KING OF KEBABS + 14 Hour Food Tour in Adana, Türkiye!
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ADANA, TURKEY – Today we’re going for a full Turkish street food tour in Adana, Türkiye – one of the food capitals in the country. We’ll eat everything from breakfast and spicy pickle juice to one of the ultimate Adana kebabs, and one of my favorite Turkish foods of all time!

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📍 Levent Börekçilik (https://maps.app.goo.gl/MiHj4L7cp7SC2s2c7) – This famous borek was started right here from this humble food stall and now has spread all over Turkey. Their borek is fantastic.

📍 Hacının Şalgamı (https://maps.app.goo.gl/aGQEon5BNPjNwRfW9) – One of the most famous beverages in Adana is a pickled fermented juice that includes carrots and beets.

📍 iştah kebap 1950 (https://maps.app.goo.gl/ZevXEBqfvGTo2qqDA) – Next up, one of the most world famous Turkish foods of Adana are kebabs – called Adana Kebabs throughout Turkey. The lamb is loaded with seasoning and spices before being skewered and grilled.

📍 Tarihi Şampiyon Ocakbaşı Seyfo Usta (https://maps.app.goo.gl/x3iSuXAXxQbBoWjK8) – Adana is also known for their excellent liver kebabs, and they didn’t disappoint!

📍 Meşhur Bicici Abuzer Kadayıf (https://maps.app.goo.gl/D1AroJNTwhUrBNpz5) – In the afternoon, one of the great Turkish summer sweet snacks is bicibici, their version of a shaved ic.
📍 Meşhur Ayranci – Additionally down the road you will find spicy ayran to wash it all down.

📍 No 12 Lokanta (https://maps.app.goo.gl/sYoP3RaSA8CNccR16) – Along with Gem who we hung out with today, he’s the co-owner of No 12 Lokanta, a Turkish restaurant serving classic home-style Adana dishes.

📍 Tatli Gonul Kardesler (https://maps.app.goo.gl/ohjLLAKtEGkbzBi17) – Adana is also famous for sweets, so Ugur and I tried some local sweets in the evening.

📍 Şırdancı Naci Dayı (https://maps.app.goo.gl/JXjRddAAx8CPStkL9) – All the food I tried in Adana was fantastic, but if I had to pick one dish, it was the peculiar looking Shirdan – stuffed sheep abomasum with rice and lots of spices. All jokes aside, it was probably one of my favorite foods in all of Turkey.

Adana has some of the best food in Turkey!
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  1. Ya sen nasıl bir adamsın? Nice Türk senin kadar güzel anlatamazdı, bu harika lezzetlerimizi. Eline, diline, midene sağlık. çok teşekkürler. Gerçek bir yemek zevki bekleyenleri Türkiye'ye bekleriz. İyi ki varsın!

  2. U r not a food bloger. Rather an advertising agency. Takes money and give fake review. Hence all item they said awesome fantastic. Not a food bloger. Fake lier advertising agency

  3. There are still lots of other Turkish foods you can try, imam bayıldı, ali nazik, ekşili köfte, karnıyarık, kadınbudu köfte, kayseri mantı, izmir köfte, tas kebabı
    Turkish kitchen is the biggest in the world

  4. I wish i ll be see the world and want to try every country s food ..May Allah gives me this ❤❤u r lucky man Ma Sha Allah..u see the Allah s creation in your own eyes..love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  5. welcome to adana where is the most delicious street foods in Türkiye. As someone who loves to eat, I will continue to follow you. teşekkür ederim. 🙂

  6. all the places in turkey has kebabs like this but some of these are very spicy i love this food with the bread the bread is called lavash its very good and my top favourite

  7. Your Turkiye series is great, and we enjoy seeing beautiful examples of Turkish cuisine, probably the best in the world! Thank you. However, I do not understand why you and your guides prefer eating everything with your fingers without using any spoons or forks. This is not a tradition in Turkey. There are things that can be eaten using fingers, but this is not valid for meat and fatty products. Turkey is not such a place. Every restaurant will serve the food with proper forks, spoons, and knives.

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