XXXTentacion CRAZY Fight Story 😳🔥

XXXTentacion CRAZY Fight Story 😳🔥
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Song: Yeat – U Should Know Slowed Reverb

Lyrics: Jah used to beat up like you can’t tell Jah nothing you tell him no he’s gon’ fight you i got jumped in LA by some nobody gave the respect of a 1 on 1 and i painted that when he was on the ground there was this kid who paid X for a verse and X never did it and he hit up X and he was like ay bro i’m coming to your show in Orlando i’m gonna fight you Jah pulls up to the show and he walks in and goes where the is this kid like he don’t even give a about performing or nothing he’s just like fight me right now and the kid and him square up and he beats the living out of him like there’s a picture of him like holding him in a headlock OH i don’t know if i can show this bro he’s just smiling it’s such a good fight i know you say you know me i know you know you think you different i know you think you gettin’ a lot of money you don’t got no women

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  1. I found the pic they were looking at I now know why Logan was like “idk if I can show this” Reddit thought the Man was dead🙏

  2. The way x fought he could’ve been a boxer and one thing I’d say about him is he never tried to front or be like a thug he was just himself

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