Internet in Frenzy as a Mysterious Blue Meteor Lights up the Sky Across Portugal & Spain | Oneindia

Internet in Frenzy as a Mysterious Blue Meteor Lights up the Sky Across Portugal & Spain | Oneindia
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On Saturday evening, a mysterious blue meteorite blazed through the skies over Spain and Portugal, leaving citizens stunned and the internet buzzing. Traveling at an incredible 61,000 km/h, the meteorite was first seen over Foros de Vale Figueira and eventually disintegrated over Sousel, creating a spectacular display of light. Social media exploded with viral videos capturing this rare celestial event. Dive into the phenomenon that has everyone talking, with speculations running wild and no fragments yet found. Witness the event that has captivated Europe and the online world!

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  1. Guys that's not a meteor just 4478 meteor 7547 does the most rarest meteor caught on camera i think i saw something i saw that launch yesterday guys that's a nuclear bomb that's not a meteor that' a nuclear bomb i think i saw that launched yesterday

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