Istanbul Street Food!! 🇹🇷 ULTIMATE TURKISH FOOD You Must-Try in Istanbul, Türkiye!

Istanbul Street Food!! 🇹🇷 ULTIMATE TURKISH FOOD You Must-Try in Istanbul, Türkiye!
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Istanbul, Türkiye – Welcome to Istanbul, one of the most fascinating, historical, and delicious cities in the world. Today I’ll be taking you on an ultimate Turkish street food tour in Istanbul – you can expect some iconic street foods and some unseen surprises!

Here are the places we ate in this tour:

📍Galata Simitçisi ( – You can’t come to Istanbul without trying simit, a common ring shaped bread that you’ll find at bakeries and street food carts throughout the city.

📍Çiğ Köfteci Seyfettin Usta ( – One of my absolute favorite Turkish foods is Çiğ Köfte, that includes raw meat, bulgur, and lots of spices.

📍Dürümcü Raif Usta ( – Turkey is the king of kebabs and a durum is a grilled kebab served wrapped in bread so it’s often fast and on the go.

📍Tarihi Eminönü Derya Balıkçısı 1945 ( – Probably the most iconic of all Turkish street foods in Istanbul is the balik ekmek, a grilled fish sandwich still served on a boat on the Golden Horn.

📍Beşaltı Kirvem Tantuni ( – It’s hard to find anything tastier than tantuni!

📍Tekrartekrarr Bay Köfte ( – This was something totally unique and that I’d never seen before, an ultimate cheese overdose, and so good!

📍Sokak pilavcısı ( – Another popular Istanbul street food is rice and chickpeas with shredded chicken, and you’ll find it all over the city.

📍Midyeci Erkan ( – If you love mussels, midye dolma are a dream come true. They go down so easily and are so addictive!

Istanbul is a street food paradise, and I hope this video will give you some ideas for what to eat when you’re there!

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About the Author: Mark Wiens


  1. Hi. Nice to see you in istanbul. Majority of turks didnt speak english but they are absolutely friendly people. Been living in istanbul for almost 3 years now. I gained almost 12kls now because of their cuisines. 😅

  2. The last guy that was feeding Mark mussels was great. I can't tell if this was the first time he's done that, or if that's how he normally operates. I wish that man well, he seemed like a great dude. Respect, from New York.

  3. 20:33 Why are you posting an old video and pretend like you went to Istanbul?
    Derya got cancelled like a year ago!
    Don’t post an old video come to Istanbul and see all the places with the new expensive prices!

  4. I was there last year and got to visit this stall. Amazing food interesting culture, and the people were beautiful would love to go back and visit different parts!🩷🌻

  5. Micah probably doesn't know it yet xD but when he gets older, he will probably have the same drive for a life of food travel and love for culture that Mark has blessed us all with. I can only hope that he films his journeys for us and maintains the family tradition.

  6. Mark Wiens is definitely my food guru! But he is also my "how to treat people" guru! I love the way he profoundly respects and admires all those people working around food! Thanks Mark! 🌿

  7. Seriously…love ya like a brother…but do you ever warn people that they might want to consider a guide like what you have? Food poisoning? Are you telling people what they need to know? Or are you leaving them to their own imagination?
    These countries, by and large, have no oversight….food is handled with bare hands….sources are what they are….
    You are an adventurer….but I wonder how many times in your life you have known bad food…? People need to know that unless they can afford a few grand to pay for a guide that they are on their own?

    Or am I just way off base here?

  8. I'll be visiting soon and want to eat it ALL. Istanbul citizens, please recommend the trusted spots that won't give me a stomach upset. Thank you

  9. این ویدیو منو یه جوری بازم برد به جنوب ایران به شهری که درش بزرگ شدم به استان هرمزگان یاد قشم و کیش و همه اینا افتادم اون هوا واقعاً لذت بخشه و و برای من بسیار آشناست سپاس از ویدیوهای انرژی بخش

  10. Finally you came here!!! I especially love your Latin American videos. My boyfriend is from Peru and he has been wondering for a year when you would come to Istanbul. We love you!

  11. Istanbul is my favourite destination. The food is amazing and the key is to avoid "tourist" restaurants around attractions – just go deeper into the streets and see where you see all their local people sitting and eating, and just order there – you just cant fail! And TUrkish people are amazing hosts. I love their friendly culture, kindness and etiquette

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