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  1. friendly reminder, there ARE some people who seeks validation through their social media, and they’re not sharing their life, they’re showing off. but it’s because of their own traumas. the best you can do is to avoid and stop being mad at them. 🙏🏻

  2. Honestly, I feel the same way when I saw my colleague. She's slim, pretty, friendly, and she got great opportunity to live in Netherland (which I dreamt to be). I don't necessarily hate her, but I hate seeing her in IG posting happy shit. I know Im toxic, so I hid her post and keep reminding myself how blessed I am. I workout, I go to salon, I skincared, I took care of myself and when I saw myself that this is my bestest version of myself; so when I see her post looking happy I smiled and make my own version of happiness too. Thanks Jazz to remind me 😊

  3. Im sorry, but I'm such a looser. I never felt good about myself. I actually don't have any friends at all. I'm just a loner who is crazy. My BF doesn't even care. Period.

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