New warnings for tourists about wildlife at Yellowstone National Park l GMA

New warnings for tourists about wildlife at Yellowstone National Park l GMA
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Authorities are warning people to be careful around wildlife after a string of close encounters and a report of a group taking a baby elk to a police station.


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  1. These idiots don't realize if they get attacked by the animal, it will be put down…. they should be thrown in jail for messing with them.

  2. To those who blame social media such as instagram and tiktok, believe me when I say stupid people exist before invention of computer. Common sense is like the avg sense of common knowledge, by using the word avg, you know there are plenty of people below that line. lol.

  3. Some tourists feell money make them powerful and give them the right to do whatever they want. Disregarding the results of their actions

  4. It’s sad when the people become the attraction at Yellowstone park. Never hear anything other than people being attacked the Yellowstone park because people are so stupid. if you post signs that say, animals may kill you and people still go and face that animal they deserve everything the signs telling them. Don’t blame the animal. !

  5. I would say our country has a lack of consequences not common sense. It’s usually the consequence for doing something silly that will prevent most people from doing it which we really don’t have anymore because everyone seems to be infatuated with always letting you know what their rights are nowadays! It use to not be that way.

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