Abandoned dog found in the bottom of an empty pool, injured and unable to save himself.

Abandoned dog found in the bottom of an empty pool, injured and unable to save himself.
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We named him Pebble, is a male English Setter who probably got abandoned and ended up injured on the bottom of an empty pool . He has a microchip number but unfortunately is not registered and that means we can’t find an owner. We publish his pictures via social media, we informed the police but no one was looking for him so we believe someone abandoned him.
He is sick with a Mediterranean disease and already under treatment.
Has a very sweet nature and we love him already!

Huge thank you to Vasileios Kampouris for join me and filming this story .

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  2. The dog is very trusting because he knows that he is safe in the hands of kind people like you may your tribe increase around the world

  3. Một phụ nữ nhỏ bé , nhưng việc làm lại to lớn , ý nghĩa
    Cảm ơn bạn và đội ngũ y bác sĩ 🤩🌹❤️

  4. Why force touching him? Safe space , food, water, litterbox. Start giving him a stuffed animal, another adult cat maybe, or give him tots, like strings, ball.

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  6. It breaks my heart to think how disgusting human beings can be! To leave a dog like this! WHY??? Lucky we still have people like this who care to help these animals, even though the people who do this are worse than rats!!

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