The Bloods of Oahu | Inside The MOST DANGEROUS Hood in Hawaii

The Bloods of Oahu | Inside The MOST DANGEROUS Hood in Hawaii
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I venture into Hawaii’s most dangerous hood Kam IV Hollywood aka Kalihi Valley Homes to speak with up and coming rapper juws about living in a notorious BG Bloods Community
Episode 113 of The Buckingham Show

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0:00-2:07 preface
2:08-2:57 intro
2:58-3:26 introducing juntah and bucks
3:27- 4:18 geography of gangs
4:19-5:35 gang rivalry
5:36-6:40 friends murders
6:41-7:31 drink w us
7:32-8:19 Island Boys
8:19-9:33 closed rec center
9:34-11:00 kids playing
11:01-11:09 window smash
11:09-12:08 drinking, gargling
12:08-12:41 kava
12:42-12:51 BSK RIP
12:52-13:44 shout out juntah music
13:45-14:00 drunk nonsense
14:01-14:30 gentle gang signs
14:31-14:48 scooby do
14:49-15:42 starsky Memorial sight
15:43-16:40 do my thing and live
16:40-17:28 gangster legacy
17:29-17:47 dirty cops
17:48-18:01 inspire the youth
18:02-18:12 he lit
18:12-18:59 shooting after filming
18:29-19:19 closing statements
19:19-19:49 outro

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  1. If you guys wanna hear more from Juntah aka juws go check out his songs automatik and til the world blow on youtube and show him some love in the comments! All his socials are tagged in the description!

  2. Please these guys are clowns!! Come down to the west side and act like this. You guys would get lit up!! And you are not black stop talking like you clowns are black!!

  3. Kihe tangata pālangi ‘oku fai ‘intaviú… Tenga’imahaki kaikoa, mata’i fulimui mata-papaka fela’i ilifia na’a puti-pasi (bootie-bust) koe ‘ehe kau kengi ko ia ‘oku ke fai ‘intaviu aí kae ‘asi mai pē ho’o fu’u loto ke hoko ia… fakailifia! Pea ka ‘iai ha Tonga ‘oku lau eni hoku kōmeni, ‘ofa mai ‘o liliu fkpālangi hoku kōmeni ko ení moe kōmeni ‘e taha ena na’aku toe pousi hifó, pea ke pousi, mālō.

  4. i wonder when they see the video will see how stupid they look ,just swigging alcohol and hugging camera , there was some nice looking lads there too so you would think they grow up now and know gang life is no life ,all that island around them and culture you would think they make videos on that stuff ,,i mean getting shot and killed at just 16 what a waste of a life ,let gang life is thing of the past be real men if got dispute use fists not knifes and guns like a coward a 5 yr old could do that , and has for running around in a forest in that silly suit you looked like fireman sam ,and swigging from same bottle them lads with the virus still around only showed you trying to impress like them young men and showing off you looked such a plum

  5. While all us polys wanna be idiots and have this stupid gang banger/warrior mentality, the foreigners are buying up all the land and owning all the businesses, but hey who cares right? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Stupid fakas… If they want make a change maybe do "Operation Mayhem–Oahu." Infiltrate all tourist jobs and destroy the businesses from the inside out.

  7. Nothing has been done in a decade to rebuild the gym, BUT why don't THEY do something for themselves ? If they pooled their money together, and do something constructive like fundraisers, instead of spending it on alcohol, hangin' around in the streets wasting their lives something might get done in the community. People are so entitled these days, they think it's the governments job to provide for them and take no personal responsibility at all !

  8. We’re Hawaiian people enslaved?? If not they have no right saying the n word I’m always stunned when people who weren’t enslaved by the Americans because that’s were the word came from for the African people who wrongfully enslaved they can say we can’t and no body else should either regardless of colour or race if you don’t have African descent don’t say it it disgusting and makes me cringe when islanders say it

  9. Todays gangsters.. they no gangsters.. look how they dress talk and act.. they just messed up kids that grew up watching their older brothers and elderly act like fools so they just became the same.. its a nasty circle

  10. 5:22 for real people be chasing each other with machete in Hawaiʻi like kids are used to that.

    At the beginning of this I was thinking this white boy going die in Kalihi. But like to my surprise he only got hella drunk. He for real did a great job and gave insight to something no one expected from Hawaii. It’s not all paradise.

    Brandon should do way more videos in Hawaii. There’s so much he could bring insight to that barely gets talked about.

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