FISH & CHIPS Mountain!! 🐟 🍟 Best Australian SEAFOOD on the Great Ocean Road!!

FISH & CHIPS Mountain!! 🐟 🍟 Best Australian SEAFOOD on the Great Ocean Road!!
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GREAT OCEAN ROAD, AUSTRALIA – Today we’re going on a tour of the iconic Great Ocean Road, and we’ll be eating some of the best Australian seafood along the way.

The Great Ocean Road is a historical highway that connects remote coastal towns along the southern coast of Australia. It was initially started as a project to create jobs for soldiers returning from WW1. The construction began in 1919 and was mostly completed when it was handed over to the government in 1936. When I visited Australia, I was excited to drive this iconic road for the majestic natural beauty – the rugged sea cliffs, the windswept coast – and probably most of all – to discover some of the best local seafood restaurants along the way.

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Here are all the places we visited on this ultimate Australian food tour:

1. Fishos Torquay – Total Price – 111 AUD (74.45 USD) – We started off in the surf town of Torquay to eat our first meal at Fishos Torquay!

2. Fish by Moonlight – Total price – 104.54 AUD (70.11 USD) – This small strip-mall restaurant proved to be one of the best meals I had in Australia – one of the best ever fish and chips!

3. Cafe Koala – Total price – 26.54 AUD (17.80 USD)

4. Apollo Bay Fishermen’s Co-Op – Total price – 317.83 AUD (213.20 USD) – One of the famous seafood restaurants along the Great Ocean Road and must stop when you’re in Apollo Bay for seafood and especially rock lobsters.

5. Twelve Apostles –
One of our main sightseeing destinations was the magnificent Twelve Apostles.

6. Craypot Bistro – Total price – 152.76 AUD (102.46 USD) – We arrived in Port Campbell and had a quick Australian pub dinner.

7. Loch Ard Gorge
Finally the next morning we quickly stopped off at Loch Ard Gorge to complete our food tour on Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

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About the Author: Mark Wiens


  1. Well, you put the Wiens' Pig Out on the seafood and you actually used some Ghost Pepper, but only on one oyster, you said , " everything you eat"' why didn't you use it on the rest of the food ?????
    The Weirdness The Wiensness

  2. Looks like our nxt seafood travel destination. Thanku U need a second seafood connoisseur who loves eating seafood with u. Ur current mate doesn't look like he enjoys all that glorious food. It looks like 2 much 4 one person 2 plough thru. Great review

  3. Hey Mark. 26:40 where you ate the scallop. That’s actually the roe sack. In female scallops, it’s large and bright orange like the one you ate. Male scallops have a smaller roe, and the colour isn’t bright at all.

  4. Hi Mark, welcome down under to Australia – so glad you could make the trip. I knew that our stunning scenery would not disappoint, but I am so happy that our fresh and naturally grown and farmed cuisine made you happy too! Enjoy your time here mate, all the best. Cheers.

  5. I love this beautiful part of Victoria, it's exceptional. The food isn't so great but I must try Fish by Moonlight in Torquay, that looks superb. The Fisherman's Coop in Apollo Bay is okay but the scenery makes it worth the stop.

  6. Thank you Jesus, I was homeless, until Jesus remembered me and sent me a good broker MRS ARIANNA CHARLOTTE , She helped me a lot and my life totally changed… Hallelujah, Our Lord Jesus have lifted up my life!!!

  7. Thank you for showing us food in VIC. I'm from Melbourne and haven't tried any of these places haha and now I need to go!

  8. Oh Mark, scallops with the roe on have a subtle and unique flavour. Drenching the scallop with Tabasco sauce would totally over-power it. What a waste. Good to see that you enjoyed the rest of the Victorian seafood and scenery.

  9. Welcome to Australia! These places are truly beautiful, and you covered it so well. It makes me want to go on a road trip again.

  10. Hey mark you make me hungry watching you eat. Your the man mark keep doing your awesome videos 👍👍 love it mate. 💯💯

  11. you can really tell Mark makes a conscious effort to pronounce Australia and Melbourne the best he can like an Aussie lol

  12. Fantastic video and locations/food.

    It is great to see links between Oz and the UK are still strong – so many names of places are based on British towns and locations. Also interesting to see that Australian winter looks like UK summer – some of the places look similar to locations in Cornwall, Scotland and Wales.

    Fantastic place and food looks really impressive. You have got to love Oz.

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