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Nukes Top 10 SCARY videos of GHOSTS and CREEPY things ! Scary ghosts, creepy apparitions, poltergeists, SCARY tiktok videos, AND ghost hunters investigating HAUNTED houses. As usual, we go through the ALL sorts of paranormal activity. We’ve got evps , poltergeists, and everything disturbing and supernatural for you and your family. These are, without a doubt, the creepiest scary videos on the internet.

Here is the scary stuff you’ll find in this week’s video! A poltergeist haunts two twin brothers as they record a creepy snapchat. A Japanese ghost hunter catches a strange ghost hand reaching for him. A ghost cat? 3 disturbing doppelgangers haunt a group of Pakistani ghost hunters . A doordash driver in a Nukes Top 5 viewer video spots a humanoid , cryptid , or maybe bigfoot ? Or at least something large and fast jumping from the woods. A UFO or alien disruption wreaks havoc, caught on CCTV . A humming ghost girl and a haunted doll. And some strange white apparitions haunt the Scottish countryside.

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  1. It looks mair like an auld abandoned Croft. It wud be nice ti fix that up, hiv yer very ain But n Ben like the Broons. 😊

  2. ghost cat is reflection on glass and when cars drive by the light makes the reflection go away, hence why there laughing, with the proper angle with lights off can have a reflaction

  3. Hey Hey I must say I like these type of videos bcoz it's strange, creepy & Mysterious, Keep It Up & Coming… These type of videos R interesting, I Like It. I would like to see more of these videos & abit longer as well, Please Mr Nuke's… The Paranormal Videos R Also Very Weird, Creepy & Strange… Keep it up & coming… I'll watch these type of videos everyday. I wish Mr Nuke's Was Posting at least 1nce an week but abit longer, Please….. May The Almighty Bless Us All & In Many Ways,, I Hope Accept All Our Prayers,, Amien…..

  4. See, the whole argument you make about how "so and so's channel is dedicated to something completely unrelated to the supernatural, therefore this should be taken more seriously" is ludicrous. Markipliers channel has little to nothing to do with cats, yet his most watched video is the meow video. Obviously these are all fake. Lol just watch for the lols tho.

  5. Hate that we're in 2023, and people can't ever record anything with a good camera. Like I immediately don't believe something if it's bad quality because it's so easy to fake.

  6. Lost my house recently and been living in a camper your videos are perfect for the pitch black nights when I'm alone in my room

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